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Unix Build status Join the chat at

The official website for PostCSS built by the community for the community ❤️

Milestone 1.1

The goal for Milestone 1.1 is to build documentation pages, styleguide and plugin search. If you would like to contribute read through our contributing guidelines.


We use Gitter[?] to keep each other up-to date on what's going on with the current status of the project as well as status meetings. You can join our Gitter channel here


Please read through our contributing guidelines to get started working on and once you are done reading the guidelines, feel free to take a look at the issue tracker from Milestone 1.0 and start hacking away at something!

There is a bunch of documentation on how to work on in the docs/ folder, Getting Started is a good place to begin!

Technical specifications uses Phenomic as a static site generator. Phenomic is based on React, a user interface library made by Facebook. Other top of that we use CSS Modules, Redux, Babel, webpack and (obviously) PostCSS.