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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • Fix TypeScript definitions (by Jed Mao).


  • Fix TypeScript definitions (by Jed Mao).


  • Update TypeScript definitions (by Jed Mao).


  • Fix error message (by Ben Briggs).


  • Better error message on syntax object in plugins list.


  • Fix postcss.vendor for values with spaces (by 刘祺).


  • Better error message on unclosed string (by Ben Briggs).


  • Improve terminal CSS syntax highlight (by Simon Lydell).


  • Better color highlight in syntax error code frame.
  • Fix color highlight support in old systems.


  • Update Processor#version.


  • Fix source map path for CSS without from option (by Michele Locati).

5.2 “Duke Vapula”

  • Add syntax highlight to code frame in syntax error (by Andrey Popp).
  • Use Babel code frame style and size in syntax error.
  • Add [ and ] tokens to parse [attr=;] {} correctly.
  • Add ignoreErrors options to tokenizer (by Andrey Popp).
  • Fix error position on tab indent (by Simon Lydell).


  • Suggests SCSS/Less parsers on parse errors depends on file extension.


  • Fix TypeScript definitions (by Efremov Alexey).

5.1 “King and President Zagan”

  • Add URI in source map support (by Mark Finger).
  • Add map.from option (by Mark Finger).
  • Add <no source> mappings for nodes without source (by Bogdan Chadkin).
  • Add function value support to map.prev option (by Chris Montoro).
  • Add declaration value type check in shortcut creating (by 刘祺).
  • Result#warn now returns new created warning.
  • Don’t call plugin creator in postcss.plugin call.
  • Add source maps to PostCSS ES5 build.
  • Add JSDoc to PostCSS classes.
  • Clean npm package from unnecessary docs.


  • Fix support with input source mao with utf8 encoding name.


  • Fix between raw value parsing (by David Clark).
  • Update TypeScript definitions (by Jed Mao).
  • Clean fake node.source after append(string).


  • Fix indent-based syntaxes support.


  • Parse new lines according W3C CSS syntax specification.


  • Fix options argument in Node#warn (by Ben Briggs).
  • Fix TypeScript definitions (by Jed Mao).


  • Fix CSS syntax error position on unclosed quotes.


  • Fix Node#clone() on null value somewhere in node.


  • Allow to use PostCSS in webpack bundle without JSON loader.


  • Fix index and word options in Warning#toString (by Bogdan Chadkin).
  • Fix input source content loading in errors.
  • Fix map options on using LazyResult as input CSS.
  • 100% test coverage.
  • Use Babel 6.


  • Allow passing a previous map with no mappings (by Andreas Lind).


  • Increase plugins performance by 1.5 times.


  • Fix warning from nodes without source.


  • Fix source map type detection (by @asan).


  • Fixed a missed step in 5.0.7 that caused the module to be published as ES6 code.


  • PostCSS now requires that node 0.12 is installed via the engines property in package.json (by Howard Zuo).


  • Fix parsing nested at-rule without semicolon (by Matt Drake).
  • Trim Declaration#value (by Bogdan Chadkin).


  • Fix multi-tokens property parsing (by Matt Drake).


  • Fix start position in Root#source.
  • Fix source map annotation, when CSS uses \r\n (by Mohammad Younes).


  • Fix url() parsing.
  • Fix using selectors in Rule constructor.
  • Add start source to Root node.


  • Fix remove(index) to be compatible with 4.x plugin.


  • Fix PostCSS 4.x plugins compatibility.
  • Fix type definition loading (by Jed Mao).

5.0 “President Valac”

  • Remove safe option. Move Safe Parser to separate project.
  • Node#toString does not include before for root nodes.
  • Remove plugin returning Root API.
  • Remove Promise polyfill for node.js 0.10.
  • Deprecate eachInside, eachDecl, eachRule, eachAtRule and eachComment in favor of walk, walkDecls, walkRules, walkAtRules and walkComments (by Jed Mao).
  • Deprecate Container#remove and Node#removeSelf in favor of Container#removeChild and Node#remove (by Ben Briggs).
  • Deprecate Node#replace in favor of replaceWith (by Ben Briggs).
  • Deprecate raw properties in favor of Node#raws object.
  • Deprecate Node#style in favor of raw.
  • Deprecate CssSyntaxError#generated in favor of input.
  • Deprecate Node#cleanStyles in favor of cleanRaws.
  • Deprecate Root#prevMap in favor of
  • Add syntax, parser and stringifier options for Custom Syntaxes.
  • Add stringifier option to Node#toString.
  • Add Result#content alias for non-CSS syntaxes.
  • Add plugin.process(css) shortcut to every plugin function (by Ben Briggs).
  • Add multiple nodes support to insert methods (by Jonathan Neal).
  • Add Node#warn shortcut (by Ben Briggs).
  • Add word and index options to errors and warnings (by David Clark).
  • Add line, column properties to Warning.
  • Use supports-color library to detect color support in error output.
  • Add type definitions for TypeScript plugin developers (by Jed Mao).
  • Rule#selectors setter detects separators.
  • Add postcss.stringify method.
  • Throw descriptive errors for incorrectly formatted plugins.
  • Add docs to npm release.
  • Fix url() parsing.
  • Fix Windows support (by Jed Mao).


  • Fix errors without stack trace.


  • Allow asynchronous plugins to change processor plugins list (by Ben Briggs).


  • Fix for plugins packs defined by postcss.plugin.


  • Fix input inlined source maps with UTF-8 encoding.


  • Update Promise polyfill.


  • Fix error message on wrong plugin format.


  • Fix Promise behavior on sync plugin errors.
  • Automatically fill plugin field in CssSyntaxError.
  • Fix warning message (by Ben Briggs).


  • Speed up node.clone().


  • Accepts Processor instance in postcss() constructor too.


  • Speed up postcss.list (by Bogdan Chadkin).


  • Fix Promise behavior on parsing error.


  • Parse at-words in declaration values.


  • Fix Promise polyfill dependency (by Anton Yakushev and Matija Marohnić).


  • Add Promise polyfill for node.js 0.10 and IE.


  • List helpers can be accessed independently var space =


  • Show deprecated message only once.

4.1 “Marquis Andras”

  • Asynchronous plugin support.
  • Add warnings from plugins and Result#messages.
  • Add postcss.plugin() to create plugins with a standard API.
  • Insert nodes by CSS string.
  • Show version warning message on error from an outdated plugin.
  • Send Result instance to plugins as the second argument.
  • Add CssSyntaxError#plugin.
  • Add CssSyntaxError#showSourceCode().
  • Add postcss.list and postcss.vendor aliases.
  • Add Processor#version.
  • Parse wrong closing bracket.
  • Parse !important statement with spaces and comments inside (by Ben Briggs).
  • Throw an error on declaration without prop or value (by Philip Peterson).
  • Fix source map mappings position.
  • Add indexed source map support.
  • Always set error.generated.
  • Clean all source map annotation comments.


  • Remove babel from released package dependencies (by Andres Suarez).


  • Fix error message on double colon in declaration.


  • Fix indent detection in some rare cases.


  • Faster API with 6to5 Loose mode.
  • Fix indexed source maps support.


  • Do not copy IE hacks to code style.


  • Add source.input to Root too.

4.0 “Duke Flauros”

  • Rename Container#childs to nodes.
  • Rename PostCSS#processors to plugins.
  • Add Node#replaceValues() method.
  • Add Node#moveTo(), moveBefore() and moveAfter() methods.
  • Add Node#cloneBefore() and cloneAfter() shortcuts.
  • Add Node#next(), prev() and root() shortcuts.
  • Add Node#replaceWith() method.
  • Add Node#error() method.
  • Add Container#removeAll() method.
  • Add filter argument to eachDecl() and eachAtRule().
  • Add Node#source.input and move source.file or to input.
  • Change code indent, when node was moved.
  • Better fix code style on Rule, AtRule and Comment nodes changes.
  • Allow to create rules and at-rules by hash shortcut in append methods.
  • Add class name to CSS syntax error output.


  • Fix IE filter parsing with multiple commands.
  • Safer way to consume PostCSS object as plugin (by Maxime Thirouin).


  • Fix missing semicolon when comment comes after last declaration.
  • Fix Safe Mode declaration parsing on unclosed blocks.


  • Fix parser to support difficult cases with backslash escape and brackets.
  • Add CssSyntaxError#stack (by Maxime Thirouin).


  • Fix Safe Mode on unknown word before declaration.


  • Increase tokenizer speed (by Roman Dvornov).


  • Fix empty comment parsing.
  • Fix Root#normalize in some inserts.


  • Fix Rhino JS runtime support.
  • Typo in deprecated warning (by Maxime Thirouin).

3.0 “Marquis Andrealphus”

  • New parser, which become the fastest ever CSS parser written in JavaScript.
  • Parser can now parse declarations and rules in one parent (like in @page) and nested declarations for plugins like postcss-nested.
  • Child nodes array is now in childs property, instead of decls and rules.
  • map.inline and map.sourcesContent options are now true by default.
  • Fix iterators (each, insertAfter) on children array changes.
  • Use previous source map to show origin source of CSS syntax error.
  • Use 6to5 ES6 compiler, instead of ES6 Transpiler.
  • Use code style for manually added rules from existing rules.
  • Use from option from previous source map file field.
  • Set to value to from if to option is missing.
  • Use better node source name when missing from option.
  • Show a syntax error when ; is missed between declarations.
  • Allow to pass PostCSS instance or list of plugins to use() method.
  • Allow to pass Result instance to process() method.
  • Trim Unicode BOM on source maps parsing.
  • Parse at-rules without spaces like @import"file".
  • Better previous sourceMappingURL annotation comment cleaning.
  • Do not remove previous sourceMappingURL comment on map.annotation: false.
  • Parse nameless at-rules in Safe Mode.
  • Fix source map generation for nodes without source.
  • Fix next child before if Root first child got removed.


  • Fix map generation for nodes without source (by Josiah Savary).


  • Fix source map with BOM marker support (by Mohammad Younes).
  • Fix source map paths (by Mohammad Younes).


  • Fix prepend() on empty Root.


  • Allow to use object shortcut in use() with functions like autoprefixer.


  • Add shortcut to set processors in use() via object with .postcss property.


  • Send opts from Processor#process(css, opts) to processors.

2.2 “Marquis Cimeies”

  • Use GNU style syntax error messages.
  • Add Node#replace method.
  • Add CssSyntaxError#reason property.


  • Fix UTF-8 support in inline source map.
  • Fix source map sourcesContent if there is no from and to options.


  • Allow to miss to and from options for inline source maps.
  • Add if file name is unknown.
  • Better detect splitter between rules in CSS concatenation tools.
  • Automatically clone node in insert methods.

2.1 “King Amdusias”

  • Change Traceur ES6 compiler to ES6 Transpiler.
  • Show broken CSS line in syntax error.

2.0 “King Belial”

  • Project was rewritten from CoffeeScript to ES6.
  • Add Safe Mode to works with live input or with hacks from legacy code.
  • More safer parser to pass all hacks from
  • Use real properties instead of magic getter/setter for raw properties.

1.0 “Marquis Decarabia”

  • Save previous source map for each node to support CSS concatenation with multiple previous maps.
  • Add map.sourcesContent option to add origin content to sourcesContent inside map.
  • Allow to set different place of output map in annotation comment.
  • Allow to use arrays and Root in Container#append and same methods.
  • Add Root#prevMap with information about previous map.
  • Allow to use latest PostCSS from GitHub by npm.
  • Result now is lazy and it will generate output CSS only if you use css or map property.
  • Use separated map.prev option to set previous map.
  • Rename inlineMap option to map.inline.
  • Rename mapAnnotation option to map.annotation.
  • Result#map now return SourceMapGenerator object, instead of string.
  • Run previous map autodetect only if input CSS contains annotation comment.
  • Add map: 'inline' shortcut for map: { inline: true } option.
  • Node#source.file now will contains absolute path.
  • Clean Declaration#between style on node clone.


  • Allow to use Root or Result as first argument in process().
  • Save parsed AST to Result#root.


  • Better space symbol detect to read UTF-8 BOM correctly.


  • Remove source map hacks by using new Mozilla’s source-map (by Simon Lydell).


  • Add URI encoding support for inline source maps.


  • Fix relative paths from previous source map.
  • Safer space split in Rule#selectors (by Simon Lydell).

0.3 “Prince Seere”

  • Add Comment node for comments between declarations or rules.
  • Add source map annotation comment to output CSS.
  • Allow to inline source map to annotation comment by data:uri.
  • Fix source maps on Windows.
  • Fix source maps for subdirectory (by Dmitry Nikitenko and Simon Lydell).
  • Autodetect previous source map.
  • Add first and last shortcuts to container nodes.
  • Parse !important to separated property in Declaration.
  • Allow to break iteration by returning false.
  • Copy code style to new nodes.
  • Add eachInside method to recursively iterate all nodes.
  • Add selectors shortcut to get selectors array.
  • Add toResult method to Rule to simplify work with several input files.
  • Clean declaration’s value, rule’s selector and at-rule’s params by storing spaces in between property.

0.2 “Duke Dantalion”

  • Add source map support.
  • Add shortcuts to create nodes.
  • Method process() now returns object with css and map keys.
  • Origin CSS file option was renamed from file to from.
  • Rename Node#remove() method to removeSelf() to fix name conflict.
  • Node source was moved to source property with origin file and node end position.
  • You can set own CSS generate function.

0.1 “Count Andromalius”

  • Initial release.