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I'm really liking postcss and I was wondering if you had any plans to include support for SASS and LESS? It'd be incredibly useful to be able to get structured data not just from CSS, but from CSS extension languages as well...


ai commented Dec 6, 2013

Postprocessors work after Sass/LESS compilation, so PostCSS supports them :).

Check out how Autoprefixer works.

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yairEO commented Apr 30, 2015

I've been using Autoprefixer and other gulp modules for CSS modifying already, and I hardly see a reason to use postCSS unless it would replace my dependency on SCSS preprocessor completely. why on earth would I need to use postCSS already after my SCSS has been compiled?

Anyway, @zakdances asked if it will even do what the SASS or LESS does and compile these files. you told him the current state of things, but he asked about future plans, not current.

Im not familiar with sass and less so much, but I think you can completely replace them in 90% of the cases - postcss have tons of plugins.

It would be interesting to see Bootstrap ported as postcss, as mdo announced in twitter. And if this became true.. it would be the proof that you can completely remove sass/less from the workflow and that would be the end for them, imo.

It is fun how people (the community) invent them, invent these totally new syntaxes, invent compilers/parsers for these harder (than css) syntaxes; before invent this so easy parsing just ol' css.

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