map.sourcesContent doesn't work together with map.from #916

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sormy commented Nov 15, 2016
const postcss = require('postcss');
const autoprefixer = require('autoprefixer');

const options = {
  from: 'src/test.css',
  to: 'src/test.css!postcss',
  map: {
    inline: false,
    annotation: false,
    sourcesContent: true,
    from: 'src/test.css'

const instance = postcss([ autoprefixer({ browsers: '>0%' }) ]);

const result = instance.process('.test { border-radius: 5px }', options);


code below will produce sourcesContent: [ null ] instead of sourcesContent: [ '...' ] but will produce correct source name src/test.css.

If i will remove from option then sourcesContent will have correct value but sources will have test.css instead of src/test.css.

So there is no way to keep correct source name together with source content.

Looks like a two defects:

  • options.from with full path truncated to basename by default and source map looses original source file path
  • workaround with keeps correct source file path but doesn't work well with sourcesContent = true (breaks source content)
ai commented Nov 16, 2016

Very weird. I will try to look in this weekend. Feel free to ping me in Monday if I will forget.

ai commented Nov 16, 2016

Will it work if you will set to: 'src/test.css'? Will it work if you set absolute path to from and to?

sormy commented Nov 17, 2016

@ai no, it doesn't

uncleyo commented Nov 17, 2016

Hi, I think I hit the same issue when running postcss on node-sass output.
if map.from is set, the resulting .map file only references the empty virtual file, while all original sass maps are gone.

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