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Green, Secure, Ad-free. Posteo is an email provider based in Berlin with a strong focus on sustainability and security.

Popular repositories

  1. Dovecot plugin to enable encrypted storage

    C 66 11

  2. Golang AgentX implementation for SNMP extension

    Go 51 32

  3. fader Public

    In-Memory storage that distributes items via udp multicast

    Go 29 1

  4. Roundcube webmail plugin to show PGP/MIME encrypted messages

    PHP 22 6

  5. Roundcube plugin to use Mailvelope's OpenPGP-support

    JavaScript 9 2

  6. Forked from johndoh/roundcube-sieverules

    Adds a 'Filters' tab to the 'Personal Settings' to allow the user to manage their Sieve mail rules.

    PHP 2 1



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