A Node.js server providing authentication, poster management and twilio IVR endpoints
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PosterVote backend

This is the repo for the PosterVote backend source code. It is an Express server written in TypeScript and deployed through Docker. It connects to a MySQL database and uses migrations to manage tables. It also has a CLI to perform migrations and perform other useful tasks.

What is PosterVote?

Table of Contents



To develop on this repo, you will need to have Docker and Node installed on your dev machine.

You will also need a SendGrid API key to send authentication emails.

# Install dependencies through npm
npm install

# Setup your environment, filling in the blanks
cp .env.example .env
nano .env

Regular use

# Spin up a mysql database for development
#  -> Launches a mysql docker container
#  -> Access from the host with mysql://user:secret@
#  -> It uses a named volume so if you stop the container, the data persists
#  -> NOTE: The first time you run this you have to add a 'postervote' table
npm run mysql

# Run a development server on your machine
# -> This will watch for changes to .ts files and reload the server
# -> It will fail if any config is missing in your .env
npm run watch

# Run unit tests
#  -> It looks for files that end with '.spec.ts', e.g. MyApp.spec.ts
npm test -s

# Generate the table of contents for this readme
npx gen-md-toc -i

Code Structure

Folder Use
bin Reusable commands for development, used in package.json
dist Where TypeScript files are transpiled to
src The location of the source code
src/core Core utilities of the server
src/migrations Database migrations to create & replicate the database
src/routes Api routes, routed to by express
src/views Pug templates for rendering html
static Static assets served at /static
uploads Internal uploads directory for storing files


This project uses unit tests to ensure that everything is working correctly, guide development, avoid bad code and reduce defects. Tests are any file in src/ that ends with .spec.ts, by convention they are inline with the source code, in a parallel folder called __tests__.

# Run the tests
npm test -s

# Generate code coverage
npm run coverage -s


This repo uses Prettier to automatically format code when you stage changes. This means that code that is pushed is always formatted to a consistent standard. You can manually run the formatter with npm run prettier.


Building the image

This project uses a GitLab CI to build a Docker image when you push a git tag. This is designed to be used with the npm version command so all docker images are semantically versioned.

npm version ... # major | minor | patch
git push --tags

Using the image

With this docker image you can easily deploy it to your server using docker-compose. The server uses environment variables to let you configure how it works. Some variables are set by default when in development mode, below is the available configuration:

Variable Description
NODE_ENV The mode the server is running in either production or development
API_URL The url where this container is hosted, e.g. https://api.postervote.co.uk
WEB_URL The url where the web counterpart is hosted
DB_TYPE (optional) The type of database to conenct to, default: mysql
DB_URI The uri to access the database, e.g. mysql://user:secret@
JWT_SECRET A unique secret used to generate JWT tokens, the longer the better
COOKIE_SECRET A unique secret used to sign cookies, the longer the better
HASH_SECRET A unique secret used to hash private info with, the longer the better
ADMIN_EMAIL The email address where login emails will come from
REG_TWILIO_NUMBER Your Twilio phone number used to register posters
VOTE_TWILIO_NUMBER Your Twilio phone number used to submit votes

Future Work

  • Run database migrations on container startup
  • Give the poster pdf a name
  • Hashids the posters endpoint to stop increment attack

The code on https://github.com/poster-vote/node-backend is a mirror of https://openlab.ncl.ac.uk/gitlab/poster-vote/node-backend