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PostGIS spatial database extension to PostgreSQL [mirror]


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This file is here to play nicely with modern code repository facilities. Actual readme is here.

Official code repository, issue tracker and wiki:


We are using Weblate software for translation. If you want to help out, log into OSGeo Weblate.

If you don't already have an OSGeo account, you can get one here. An OSGeo account will allow you to participate in translating both the PostGIS workshop and PostGIS documentation and also submit bug tickets.

Translation status

Official chat room:

Official chat room is the Matrix room, also bridged to the irc:// IRC channel (web client may be useful)

Official source tarball releases

If you would like to contribute to this project, please refer to our contributing guidelines.

Project Home Page and Manuals

Project homepage: PostGIS Manuals: