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Accept dot-less output from pg_config --version

Hopefully fixes #3614

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1 parent 8a1e9cb commit d7e9c4bd845d1d5de78f9f5e31b254babc01f1d0 @strk strk committed Aug 28, 2016
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@@ -429,9 +429,10 @@ if test "x$LIBLWGEOM_ONLY" = "xno"; then
dnl Extract the version information from pg_config
dnl Note: we extract the major & minor separately, ensure they are numeric, and then combine to give
dnl the final version. This is to guard against user error...
- PGSQL_MAJOR_VERSION=`$PG_CONFIG --version | sed 's/[[^0-9]]*\([[0-9]]\)\.\([[0-9]]\).*/\1/'`
- PGSQL_MINOR_VERSION=`$PG_CONFIG --version | sed 's/[[^0-9]]*\([[0-9]]\)\.\([[0-9]]\).*/\2/'`
+ PGSQL_MAJOR_VERSION=`echo $PGSQL_FULL_VERSION | sed 's/[[^0-9]]*\([[0-9]]*\).*/\1/'`
+ PGSQL_MINOR_VERSION=`echo $PGSQL_FULL_VERSION | sed 's/[[^\.]]*\.\([[0-9]]*\).*/\1/'`
+ PGSQL_MINOR_VERSION=`echo $PGSQL_MINOR_VERSION | sed 's/.*develop.*/0/'`
laurenz Aug 31, 2016

Shouldn't that be sed 's/.*devel.*/0/'?

Current PostgreSQL HEAD gives me

$ /pg_config --version
PostgreSQL 10devel
strk Aug 31, 2016 Member

Good catch, fixed with r15050 = 810db38 (refs/remotes/trunk)


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