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Database Lab Engine v3.1.0

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@NikolayS NikolayS released this 05 Apr 18:53
· 569 commits to master since this release

Database Lab Engine v3.1.0

DLE 3.1 has many improvements and several new features, such as native support of pgBackRest and the ability to configure the timezone when using CLI.

In this release, the development team has focused on the Database Lab Engine community, making it easier to get help or contribute. The team greets all new contributors: @Nikolay Devxx, @asotolongo, @Tanya301, @denis-boost, @pietervincken, @ane4ka

Community news

The has been significantly improved. It now has four translations, with more coming in the future. Many thanks to our README translation contributors! It helps engineers worldwide understand DLE concepts and improve the development experience by building powerful dev&test environments.

Migration notes

鈿狅笍 Prior to version 3.1, the default ZFS version DLE's Docker images were using was 0.8.x. For DLE 3.1, the default Docker image (postgresai/dblab-server:3.1.0) uses ZFS 2.1.2. If you need to upgrade DLE from a previous version that worked with a ZFS pool 0.8.x (default for previous DLE versions), consider the following options:

  • Option 1: upgrade your system to use ZFS 2.1, optionally upgrade your pool (zpool upgrade dblab_pool), and then upgrade DLE to use the default image postgresai/dblab-server:3.1.0
  • Option 2: postpone the ZFS upgrade, stay on ZFS 0.8, and upgrade DLE to version 3.1 using a special image, postgresai/dblab-server:3.1.0-zfs0.8


New features

Improvements and fixes


How to get help

To get help, reach out to the team and the growing community of Database Lab users and contributors:

Provide feedback, contribute

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated:

If you want to help the project grow, consider various ways of contributing:

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