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Known issues
pgAdmin III
- [Property] Working with property dialog after the corresponding node is
refreshed crashes
- [Edit grid] Editing very large columns freezes (might be restricted to bytea)
- [Edit grid] bool editing doesn't know NULL; major redesign needed
- [Edit grid] sqlGridTextEditor is broken on Mac. We're currently using
wxGridCellAutoWrapStringEditor which works but isn't overly user
- [Scintilla] ASSERT when typing a multibyte char [wx patch 1072408]
- [Object Tree] Scrollbar doesn't scroll page by page under gtk
- [Scintilla lexer] doesn't know about escaping quotes
- [Main listview] Background behind the tabs doesn't redraw on Win XP and 2003.
- [gtk] FindFocus reports bogus controls. Symptom: select a menu or toolbar,
but nothing happens.
- [gtk] combobox positioning when height is not specified; current workaround:
fixed 12d height
- [Edit Grid] several platform-dependent misbehaviours when starting editing a
cell (F2 or any key): waiting for new wxGrid implementation
- [gtk] Crash with some themes; probably gtk issue.
Known issues, that might stay unfixed
- [non-unicode build] Reading unicode files won't convert (wx not capable, use
unicode build instead)
- [Object Tree] M$ Context menu key doesn't work in Windows (wxWidgets bug?).
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