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Fix the help message

Per a report from José Pedro.
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commit 0acd407b023247f24ff5a0ac67f902c46cf7c538 1 parent 6074403
@gleu gleu authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  pgadmin/pgAdmin3.cpp
2  pgadmin/pgAdmin3.cpp
@@ -292,7 +292,7 @@ bool pgAdmin3::OnInit()
{wxCMD_LINE_SWITCH, "t", NULL, _("dialog translation test mode"), wxCMD_LINE_VAL_NONE},
{wxCMD_LINE_SWITCH, wxT("v"), wxT("version"), _("show the version, and quit"), wxCMD_LINE_VAL_NONE},
- {wxCMD_LINE_SWITCH, wxT("h"), wxT("help"), _("show the version, and quit"), wxCMD_LINE_VAL_NONE, wxCMD_LINE_OPTION_HELP },
+ {wxCMD_LINE_SWITCH, wxT("h"), wxT("help"), _("show the help message, and quit"), wxCMD_LINE_VAL_NONE, wxCMD_LINE_OPTION_HELP },
{wxCMD_LINE_OPTION, wxT("s"), wxT("server"), _("auto-connect to specified server"), wxCMD_LINE_VAL_STRING},
{wxCMD_LINE_SWITCH, wxT("S"), wxT("serverstatus"), _("open server status window"), wxCMD_LINE_VAL_NONE},
{wxCMD_LINE_OPTION, wxT("Sc"), wxT("serverstatusconnect"), _("connect server status window to database"), wxCMD_LINE_VAL_STRING},
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