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@@ -21,26 +21,20 @@ Enhancements / wishes
- Add an option (or change the UI to something more usable with lots of types)
to include table types in the data type combo boxes where appropriate.
-- Ability to search a database for objects with a specific name.
-- Allow the user to disconnect individual databases (#185)
- Detect serial columns from pg_depend, not column default (observe deviating
serial name)
- Slony-I failover
- Drop object using replication
- Restrict subscription provider to origin and subscribers
- Extract partially or whole schema/db and edit it with Query Tool
-- Track connection usage by property dialogs to prevent closing used
- connections
- Allow Sequence to be attached to existing int4/int8 columns
- Sequence: calculate next value to be expected
-- Import from CSV
- Create FK: PK/unique detection
- Global object modification logging
- EditGrid: allow editing if unique key existent, but no PK/OID
- EditGrid: better editing (color, validation)
- Updateable View wizard
- Most property dlgs: check for readOnly if no sufficient rights are available
- Find solution for dlgProperty::AppendQuoted if schemaname has a dot
- Allow EditGrid to use comboboxes filled from FK tables.
- Add an option to the Query Tool to exclusively lock files whilst they're

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