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Fix links to the Options Dialogue pages in the docs.

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12 docs/Docs.vcxproj
@@ -68,13 +68,11 @@ builddocs.bat
<None Include="en_US\maintenance.rst" />
<None Include="en_US\make.bat" />
<None Include="en_US\openssl.rst" />
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab1.rst" />
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab2.rst" />
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab3.rst" />
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab4.rst" />
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab5.rst" />
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab6.rst" />
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab7.rst" />
+ <None Include="en_US\options-browser.rst" />
+ <None Include="en_US\options-database_designer.rst" />
+ <None Include="en_US\options-miscellaneous.rst" />
+ <None Include="en_US\options-query_tool.rst" />
+ <None Include="en_US\options-server_status.rst" />
<None Include="en_US\options.rst" />
<None Include="en_US\password.rst" />
<None Include="en_US\pgadmin3.css" />
36 docs/Docs.vcxproj.filters
@@ -135,27 +135,6 @@
<None Include="en_US\openssl.rst">
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab1.rst">
- <Filter>en_US</Filter>
- </None>
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab2.rst">
- <Filter>en_US</Filter>
- </None>
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab3.rst">
- <Filter>en_US</Filter>
- </None>
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab4.rst">
- <Filter>en_US</Filter>
- </None>
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab5.rst">
- <Filter>en_US</Filter>
- </None>
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab6.rst">
- <Filter>en_US</Filter>
- </None>
- <None Include="en_US\options-tab7.rst">
- <Filter>en_US</Filter>
- </None>
<None Include="en_US\options.rst">
@@ -789,5 +768,20 @@
<None Include="fi_FI\hints\view-without-pk.html">
+ <None Include="en_US\options-browser.rst">
+ <Filter>en_US</Filter>
+ </None>
+ <None Include="en_US\options-database_designer.rst">
+ <Filter>en_US</Filter>
+ </None>
+ <None Include="en_US\options-miscellaneous.rst">
+ <Filter>en_US</Filter>
+ </None>
+ <None Include="en_US\options-query_tool.rst">
+ <Filter>en_US</Filter>
+ </None>
+ <None Include="en_US\options-server_status.rst">
+ <Filter>en_US</Filter>
+ </None>
4 docs/en_US/guruhints.rst
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ developers worldwide, and the design problems commonly observed.
If pgAdmin III thinks it has a valuable hint for you, it will pop up a guru hint unless
you have chosen to suppress that individual hint or all hints (see
-:ref:`options <options-tab2>`). You can bring up the hint by pressing
+:ref:`options <options-miscellaneous>`). You can bring up the hint by pressing
the hint button in the toolbar at any time, if enabled.
.. image:: images/guru-connect.png
@@ -21,5 +21,5 @@ non-running or misconfigured PostgreSQL server.
If you check 'do not show this hint again', the automatic popup of the individual hint will be
suppressed in the future, until it is reset in the
-:ref:`options <options-tab2>`. Error messages will still appear, but without
+:ref:`options <options-miscellaneous>`. Error messages will still appear, but without
the extended information as provided by the hints.
2 docs/en_US/main.rst
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ The lower right side contains a reverse engineered SQL script. You
can copy this to any editor using cut & paste, or save it to a file
using Save definition... from the File menu, or use it as a template
if you select the :ref:`Query Tool <query>`. If the
-:ref:`Copy SQL from main window to query tool <options-tab4>` option is selected, the SQL
+:ref:`Copy SQL from main window to query tool <options-query_tool>` option is selected, the SQL
query will be copied automatically to the tool.
The status line will show you some status information, as well as
2 docs/en_US/options-browser.rst
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-.. _options-tab1:
+.. _options-browser:
6 docs/en_US/query.rst
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ written in UTF-8, which enables the storage of virtually all
characters used throughout the world, according to the coding rules
of the `Unicode Consortium <>`_. If
you select \*.\*, the setting from the :ref:`read/write unicode option
-<options-tab2>` is used.
+<options-query_tool>` is used.
The edit entry window also contains autocompletion code to help you
write queries. To use autocomplete, simply start typing your query
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ code from *psql*, the PostgreSQL command line interpreter and will
generally be able to offer autocomplete options in the same places that
it can in *psql*. You can optionally enable the Tab key to activate
the autocomplete feature as well - the can be done on the
-:ref:`options dialog <options-tab4>`.
+:ref:`options dialog <options-query_tool>`.
The editor also offers a number of features for helping with code formatting:
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ the combobox, you can add another connection to it.
.. image:: images/query-connect.png
-In the :ref:`options dialog <options-tab4>`, you
+In the :ref:`options dialog <options-query_tool>`, you
can specify a default limit for the rowset size to retrieve. By
default, this value will be 100. If the number of rows to retrieve
from the server exceeds this value, a message box will appear asking
3 docs/en_US/search_object.rst
@@ -22,5 +22,4 @@ The result is presented in the grid with object type, object name and
the object tree path. You can click on a result row to select the object
in the :ref:`browser <main>`. If the object is grey, this means
that you don't have enabled those object types in the :ref:`Browser
-settings <options-tab3>` (third tab of the Options
-dialog), so you can't click on it.
+settings <options-browser>`, so you can't click on it.
2 docs/en_US/slony-install.rst
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Create cluster and first node
To install a Slony-I cluster on the first database, the "New Slony-I
Cluster" dialog is used. It executes the official Slony-I cluster
creation SQL scripts, which are located in the directory configured in
-the :ref:`Options <options-tab1>` dialog.
+the :ref:`Options <options-browser>` dialog.
pgAdmin III needs to store information how to contact each individual
node in the cluster. To achieve this, pgAdmin III uses the concept of

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