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The PostgreSQL website

The code in this repository is what backs the website at

The authoritative repository for this code is on, but it's free to be mirrored anywhere.


The website code is written in Python using the Django framework. Not surprisingly, PostgreSQL is used as the database. Further details about the code and technology can be found in the different documents in the docs directory.


A fair amount of the content pages of the website are just static HTML templates. If you wish to edit these, you only need to look at the templates/pages/ subdirectory. The content in here is simple HTML, and can be edited as such.


We appreciate all (most?) contributions to this project. If you wish to contribute, be sure to sign up to the pgsql-www mailinglist for any discussions, and post any suggested patches there. If you want to make any major changes, be sure to have discussed those on the list first.


The code for the website is licensed under The PostgreSQL Licence, which is closely related to the BSD licence.

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