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Dynamic content

The dynamic content of the website is rendered using Django. The django project is called "pgweb", and consists of a number of applications under it. These applications are not designed to be independent, and cross-referencing between them is both allowed and normal. It should therefor not be expected that they will work if copied outside the pgweb environment.

For more details about the django implementation, see the django.rst file.

Static HTML content

For those pages that don't need any database access or other kinds of logic, simple HTML templates are used. Any content here is edited as plain HTML, and the django template engine is used to wrap this content in the regular website framework.

All pages handled this way are stored in templates/pages/, with each subdirectory mapping to a sub-url. The code for rendering these pages is found in pgweb/core/, function fallback().

Non-HTML content

Non-HTML content is stored in the media/ directory, which is served up by django when run under the local webserver, but is expected to be served up directly by the webserver when deployed in production. This directory has subdirectories for images, css and javascript, as well as some imported modules.

Note that there is also /adminmedia/, which is directly linked to the django administrative interface media files, that are shipped with django and not with pgweb.

Non-web content

Non-web content, such as PDF files and other static data, is handled in it's own git repository, in order to keep the size of the main repository down (since some of these files can be very large). The repository is named pgweb-static.git, and also located on These files should be made visible through the webserver at the /files/ url.

Batch jobs and integrations

There are a number of batch jobs expected to run on the server, in order to fetch data from other locations. There are also jobs that need to run on a different server, such as the ftp server, to push information to the main server. For more details about these, see the batch.rst file.

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