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Add basic README file with information about the project

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+The PostgreSQL website
+The code in this repository is what backs the website at
+At least, it will do so starting sometime summer 2010 if things go according
+to plans.
+The authoritative repository for this code is on, but it's
+free to be mirrored anywhere.
+The website code is written in `Python <>`_ using
+the `Django <>`_ framework. Not surprisingly,
+`PostgreSQL <>`_ is used as the database. Further details
+about the code and technology can be found in the different documents in the
+docs directory.
+A fair amount of the content pages of the website are just static HTML templates.
+If you wish to edit these, you only need to look at the templates/pages/
+subdirectory. The content in here is simple HTML, and can be edited as such.
+We appreciate all (most?) contributions to this project. If you wish to
+contribute, be sure to sign up to the `pgsql-www <>`_
+mailinglist for any discussions, and post any suggested patches there. If you
+want to make any major changes, be sure to have discussed those on the list first.
+The code for the website is licensed under
+`The PostgreSQL Licence <>`_, which is
+closely related to the BSD licence.

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