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1 parent ffa0e79 commit ae33e643050e6b48f9e6fc240ba24b988dcac636 @masterofthebrain masterofthebrain committed Sep 22, 2013
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@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
{%if v.a4pdf%}<li>Comprehensive Manual: <a href="/files/documentation/pdf/{{v.tree}}/postgresql-{{v.tree}}-A4.pdf">A4 PDF</a> <span class="txtMediumGrey">({{v.a4pdf|filesizeformat}})</span></li>{%endif%}
{%if v.uspdf%}<li>Comprehensive Manual: <a href="/files/documentation/pdf/{{v.tree}}/postgresql-{{v.tree}}-US.pdf">US PDF</a> <span class="txtMediumGrey">({{v.uspdf|filesizeformat}})</span></li>{%endif%}
- {%if not v.a4pdf and not v4.uspdf%}<li>PDF version noot available</li>{%endif%}
+ {%if not v.a4pdf and not v4.uspdf%}<li>PDF version not available</li>{%endif%}

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