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/* contrib/pg_stat_statements/pg_stat_statements--1.0--1.1.sql */
-- complain if script is sourced in psql, rather than via ALTER EXTENSION
\echo Use "ALTER EXTENSION pg_stat_statements UPDATE TO '1.1'" to load this file. \quit
/* First we have to remove them from the extension */
ALTER EXTENSION pg_stat_statements DROP VIEW pg_stat_statements;
ALTER EXTENSION pg_stat_statements DROP FUNCTION pg_stat_statements();
/* Then we can drop them */
DROP VIEW pg_stat_statements;
DROP FUNCTION pg_stat_statements();
/* Now redefine */
CREATE FUNCTION pg_stat_statements(
OUT userid oid,
OUT dbid oid,
OUT query text,
OUT calls int8,
OUT total_time float8,
OUT rows int8,
OUT shared_blks_hit int8,
OUT shared_blks_read int8,
OUT shared_blks_dirtied int8,
OUT shared_blks_written int8,
OUT local_blks_hit int8,
OUT local_blks_read int8,
OUT local_blks_dirtied int8,
OUT local_blks_written int8,
OUT temp_blks_read int8,
OUT temp_blks_written int8,
OUT blk_read_time float8,
OUT blk_write_time float8
CREATE VIEW pg_stat_statements AS
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_statements();
GRANT SELECT ON pg_stat_statements TO PUBLIC;