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* copy.h
* Definitions for using the POSTGRES copy command.
* Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2022, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
* Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
* src/include/commands/copy.h
#ifndef COPY_H
#define COPY_H
#include "nodes/execnodes.h"
#include "nodes/parsenodes.h"
#include "parser/parse_node.h"
#include "tcop/dest.h"
* Represents whether a header line should be present, and whether it must
* match the actual names (which implies "true").
typedef enum CopyHeaderChoice
} CopyHeaderChoice;
* A struct to hold COPY options, in a parsed form. All of these are related
* to formatting, except for 'freeze', which doesn't really belong here, but
* it's expedient to parse it along with all the other options.
typedef struct CopyFormatOptions
/* parameters from the COPY command */
int file_encoding; /* file or remote side's character encoding,
* -1 if not specified */
bool binary; /* binary format? */
bool freeze; /* freeze rows on loading? */
bool csv_mode; /* Comma Separated Value format? */
CopyHeaderChoice header_line; /* header line? */
char *null_print; /* NULL marker string (server encoding!) */
int null_print_len; /* length of same */
char *null_print_client; /* same converted to file encoding */
char *delim; /* column delimiter (must be 1 byte) */
char *quote; /* CSV quote char (must be 1 byte) */
char *escape; /* CSV escape char (must be 1 byte) */
List *force_quote; /* list of column names */
bool force_quote_all; /* FORCE_QUOTE *? */
bool *force_quote_flags; /* per-column CSV FQ flags */
List *force_notnull; /* list of column names */
bool *force_notnull_flags; /* per-column CSV FNN flags */
List *force_null; /* list of column names */
bool *force_null_flags; /* per-column CSV FN flags */
bool convert_selectively; /* do selective binary conversion? */
List *convert_select; /* list of column names (can be NIL) */
} CopyFormatOptions;
/* These are private in commands/copy[from|to].c */
typedef struct CopyFromStateData *CopyFromState;
typedef struct CopyToStateData *CopyToState;
typedef int (*copy_data_source_cb) (void *outbuf, int minread, int maxread);
extern void DoCopy(ParseState *state, const CopyStmt *stmt,
int stmt_location, int stmt_len,
uint64 *processed);
extern void ProcessCopyOptions(ParseState *pstate, CopyFormatOptions *ops_out, bool is_from, List *options);
extern CopyFromState BeginCopyFrom(ParseState *pstate, Relation rel, Node *whereClause,
const char *filename,
bool is_program, copy_data_source_cb data_source_cb, List *attnamelist, List *options);
extern void EndCopyFrom(CopyFromState cstate);
extern bool NextCopyFrom(CopyFromState cstate, ExprContext *econtext,
Datum *values, bool *nulls);
extern bool NextCopyFromRawFields(CopyFromState cstate,
char ***fields, int *nfields);
extern void CopyFromErrorCallback(void *arg);
extern uint64 CopyFrom(CopyFromState cstate);
extern DestReceiver *CreateCopyDestReceiver(void);
* internal prototypes
extern CopyToState BeginCopyTo(ParseState *pstate, Relation rel, RawStmt *query,
Oid queryRelId, const char *filename, bool is_program,
List *attnamelist, List *options);
extern void EndCopyTo(CopyToState cstate);
extern uint64 DoCopyTo(CopyToState cstate);
extern List *CopyGetAttnums(TupleDesc tupDesc, Relation rel,
List *attnamelist);
#endif /* COPY_H */