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Athough cube is a varlena type, nowhere was a detoasting of cube's va…

…lue, so

fix it.  Add macroses DatumGetNDBOX, PG_GETARG_NDBOX and PG_RETURN_NDBOX.
Backpatch for 8.2 too.

Previous versions use version 0 calling conventions. And fmgr code detoast
values for user-defined functions.
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feodor committed Mar 7, 2007
1 parent 626eb02 commit 2afb01dbde46b985d01d44122e441fcf66b22e78
Showing with 166 additions and 113 deletions.
  1. +161 −112 contrib/cube/cube.c
  2. +5 −1 contrib/cube/cubedata.h
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