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Extend and improve use of EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS.

This is now used by ecpg tests, and not clobbered by pg_upgrade
tests. This change won't affect anything that doesn't set this
environment variable, but will enable the buildfarm to control
exactly what port regression test installs will be running on,
and thus to detect possible rogue postmasters more easily.

Backpatch to release 9.2 where EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS was first used.
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1 parent 31f38f2 commit 4ae5ee6c9b4dd7cd7e4471a44d371b228a9621c3 @adunstan adunstan committed Jan 12, 2013
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  1. +3 −2 contrib/pg_upgrade/
  2. +5 −3 src/interfaces/ecpg/test/Makefile
@@ -47,8 +47,9 @@ if [ "$1" = '--install' ]; then
# We need to make it use psql from our temporary installation,
# because otherwise the installcheck run below would try to
# use psql from the proper installation directory, which might
- # be outdated or missing.
- EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS=--psqldir=$bindir
+ # be outdated or missing. But don't override anything else that's
+ # already in EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS.
@@ -75,13 +75,15 @@ $(remaining_files_build): $(abs_builddir)/%: $(srcdir)/%
ln -s $< $@
+# Common options for tests. Also pick up anything passed in EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS
+REGRESS_OPTS = --dbname=regress1,connectdb --create-role=connectuser,connectdb $(EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS)
check: all
- ./pg_regress --dbname=regress1,connectdb --top-builddir=$(top_builddir) --temp-install=./tmp_check $(pg_regress_locale_flags) $(THREAD) --schedule=$(srcdir)/ecpg_schedule --create-role=connectuser,connectdb
+ ./pg_regress $(REGRESS_OPTS) --top-builddir=$(top_builddir) --temp-install=./tmp_check $(pg_regress_locale_flags) $(THREAD) --schedule=$(srcdir)/ecpg_schedule
# the same options, but with --listen-on-tcp
checktcp: all
- ./pg_regress --dbname=regress1,connectdb --top-builddir=$(top_builddir) --temp-install=./tmp_check $(pg_regress_locale_flags) $(THREAD) --schedule=$(srcdir)/ecpg_schedule_tcp --create-role=connectuser,connectdb --host=localhost
+ ./pg_regress $(REGRESS_OPTS) --top-builddir=$(top_builddir) --temp-install=./tmp_check $(pg_regress_locale_flags) $(THREAD) --schedule=$(srcdir)/ecpg_schedule_tcp --host=localhost
installcheck: all
- ./pg_regress --psqldir='$(PSQLDIR)' --dbname=regress1,connectdb --top-builddir=$(top_builddir) $(pg_regress_locale_flags) $(THREAD) --schedule=$(srcdir)/ecpg_schedule --create-role=connectuser,connectdb
+ ./pg_regress $(REGRESS_OPTS) --psqldir='$(PSQLDIR)' --top-builddir=$(top_builddir) $(pg_regress_locale_flags) $(THREAD) --schedule=$(srcdir)/ecpg_schedule

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