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gitattributes: Make syntax compatible with older Git versions

Avoid the use of **, which was only introduced in Git version 1.8.2.
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1 parent 061b88c commit c0764a542530c7ebf8abd2766d256d49d27e90e8 @petere petere committed
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7 .gitattributes
@@ -12,15 +12,16 @@ README conflict-marker-size=32
README.* conflict-marker-size=32
# Certain data files that contain special whitespace, and other special cases
-**/data/*.data -whitespace
+*.data -whitespace
contrib/tsearch2/sql/tsearch2.sql whitespace=space-before-tab,blank-at-eof,-blank-at-eol
doc/bug.template whitespace=space-before-tab,-blank-at-eof,blank-at-eol
src/backend/catalog/sql_features.txt whitespace=space-before-tab,blank-at-eof,-blank-at-eol
src/backend/tsearch/hunspell_sample.affix whitespace=-blank-at-eof
# Test output files that contain extra whitespace
-**/expected/*.out -whitespace
-**/output/*.source -whitespace
+*.out -whitespace
+contrib/*/output/*.source -whitespace
+src/test/regress/output/*.source -whitespace
src/interfaces/ecpg/test/expected/* -whitespace
src/interfaces/libpq/test/expected.out whitespace=-blank-at-eof

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