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$Header: /cvsroot/pgsql/contrib/vacuumlo/Attic/README,v 1.1 1999/04/10 16:48:04 peter Exp $

This is a simple utility that will remove any orphaned large objects out of a
PostgreSQL database.


Simply run make. A single executable "vacuumlo" is created.


vacuumlo [-v] database [db2 ... dbn]

The -v flag outputs some progress messages to stdout.


First, it builds a temporary table which contains all of the oid's of the
large objects in that database.

It then scans through any columns in the database that are of type 'oid', and
removes any entries from the temporary table.

Finally, it runs through the first table, and removes from the second table, any
oid's it finds. What is left are the orphans, and these are removed.

I decided to place this in contrib as it needs further testing, but hopefully,
this (or a variant of it) would make it into the backed as a "vacuum lo" command
in a later release.

Peter Mount <>
March 21 1999

Committed April 10 1999 Peter
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