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This directory contains the contribution functions or tools.


apache_logging -
	Getting Apache to log to PostgreSQL
	by Terry Mackintosh <>

array -
	Array iterator functions
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

bit -
	Bit type
	by Adriaan Joubert <>

datetime -
	Date & time functions
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

earthdistance -
	Operator for computing earth distance for two points
	by Hal Snyder <>

findoidjoins -
	Finds the joins used by oid columns by examining the actual
	values in the oid columns and row oids.
	by Bruce Momjian <>

fulltextindex -
	Full text indexing using triggers
	by Maarten Boekhold <>

isbn_issn -
	PostgreSQL type extensions for ISBN (books) and ISSN (serials)
	by Garrett A. Wollman <>

likeplanning -
	Scripts to enable/disable new planning code for LIKE and regexp
	pattern match operators.  These will go away again once the code
	is mature enough to enable by default.
	by Tom Lane <>

linux -
	Start postgres back end system
	by Thomas Lockhart <>

lo -
	Large Object maintenance
	by Peter Mount <> 

miscutil -
	Postgres assert checking and various utility functions
	by Dal Zotto <>

mSQL-interface -
	mSQL API translation library
	by Aldrin Leal <>

noupdate -
	trigger to prevent updates on single columns

soundex -
	Prototype for soundex function

spi -
	A general trigger function autoinc() and so on.

string -
	C-like input/output conversion routines for strings
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

tools -
	Assorted developer tools
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

unixdate -
	Conversions from integer to datetime
	by Thomas Lockhart <>

userlock -
	User locks
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

vacuumlo -
	Remove orphaned large objects
	by Peter T Mount <>

pgbench -
	TPC-B like benchmarking tool
	by Tatsuo Ishii <>
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