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The PostgreSQL contrib tree

This subtree contains tools, modules, and examples that are not
maintained as part of the core PostgreSQL system, mainly because
they only address a limited audience or are too inelegant to be
sold as an official feature.  That, however, does not preclude
their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module.  Most items can be built with `gmake all' and installed
with `gmake install' in the usual fashion, after you have run the
`configure' script in the top-level directory.  Some directories
supply new user-defined functions, operators, or types.  After you
have installed the files you need to register the new entities in
the database system by running the commands in the supplied .sql
file.  For example,

	$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

See the PostgreSQL documentation for more information about this


array -
	Array iterator functions
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

earthdistance -
	Operator for computing earth distance for two points
	by Hal Snyder <>

findoidjoins -
	Finds the joins used by oid columns by examining the actual
	values in the oid columns and row oids.
	by Bruce Momjian <>

fulltextindex -
	Full text indexing using triggers
	by Maarten Boekhold <>

isbn_issn -
	PostgreSQL type extensions for ISBN (books) and ISSN (serials)
	by Garrett A. Wollman <>

linux -
	Scripts for starting and stopping the PostgreSQL server on
	a Linux system
	by Thomas Lockhart <>

lo -
	Large Object maintenance
	by Peter Mount <> 

mSQL-interface -
	mSQL API translation library
	by Aldrin Leal <>

mac -
	Support functions for MAC address types
	by Lawrence E. Rosenman <>

miscutil -
	PostgreSQL assert checking and various utility functions
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

noupdate -
	trigger to prevent updates on single columns

pg_dumplo -
	Dump large objects
	by Karel Zak <>

pgbench -
	TPC-B like benchmarking tool
	by Tatsuo Ishii <>

pgcrypto -
	Cryptographic hash functions
	by Marko Kreen <>

soundex -
	Soundex function

spi -
	Various trigger functions, examples for using SPI.

string -
	C-like input/output conversion routines for strings
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

tips/apache_logging -
	Getting Apache to log to PostgreSQL
	by Terry Mackintosh <>

tools -
	Assorted developer tools
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

unixdate -
	Conversions from integer to datetime
	by Thomas Lockhart <>

userlock -
	User locks
	by Massimo Dal Zotto <>

vacuumlo -
	Remove orphaned large objects
	by Peter T Mount <>
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