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tglsfdc Phase 2 pgindent run for v12.
Switch to 2.1 version of pg_bsd_indent.  This formats
multiline function declarations "correctly", that is with
additional lines of parameter declarations indented to match
where the first line's left parenthesis is.

Latest commit 8255c7a May 22, 2019




This directory contains SQL tutorial scripts.  To look at them, first do a
	% make
to compile all the scripts and C files for the user-defined functions
and types.  (make needs to be GNU make --- it may be named something
different on your system, often 'gmake')

Then, run psql with the -s (single-step) flag:
	% psql -s

From within psql, you can try each individual script file by using
psql's \i <filename> command.
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