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Washington Post Newspaper Guild Pay Study 2019

This is the study of Washington Post Guild members' salaries based on data turned over by management of The Washington Post on July 2, 2019, pursuant to a request by members of the Guild. Management turned over two Excel files: one file detailing the salaries of current guild members working for The Post (as of the date of transmission) and one file detailing the salaries of past guild members who worked for The Post and have left the organization in the past five years.

Included is an attempt to understand pay at The Washington Post. No individual analysis should be taken on its own to mean that disparities in pay do or do not exist. This study will start with summary analysis of trends and will dive deeper as the study goes on.

The only data manipulation done prior to analysis was taking the data out of Excel and putting the files into CSV files, converting dates from 'MM/DD/YYYY' to 'YYYY-MM-DD' and removing commas from monetary columns where values exceeded 1,000.

See the full report on the Guild's website.

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