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haxe port of Gestouch
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Gestouchx is a haxe port of Gestouch by jlfot

" Gestouch: NUI gestures detection framework for mouse, touch and multitouch . Gestouch is a very basic framework that helps you to detect gestures when you develop NUI (Natural User Interface). Last versions of Flash Player and AIR have built-in touch and multitouch support, but the gestures support is quite poor: only small set of gestures are supported, they depend on OS, they are not customizable, only one can be processed at the same time and, finally, you are forced to use either raw TouchEvents, or gestures (@see

This framework is aimed to simplify the process of detecting raw TouchEvents and processing them into a specific gesture(s). There are several built-in common gestures, but you are welcome write your own. "

This port aim to push Gestouch to the NME target using haxe Langage. With NME, Gestouch is useable on IOS, ANDROID ,and flash.

Still under developpement

use only for test feedback wanted !

usage :

install NME and setup for android and ios

use Touch.hx as Main entry compile using : nme test "touch.nmml" ios or nme test "touch.nmml" android

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