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Apt-Fetcher repository(Bash)
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Apt-Fetcher repository(Bash)

Here is something for all Debian based Linux distribution users. Apt-fetcher is a command line oriented program, which utilizes the apt-get functions found within Debian based distributions.

Without further ado here is a screenshot, which should give a pretty clear vision about the program itself.


How to make everything functional

  1. After download make apt-fetcher executable:

chmod +x

  1. Move apt-fetcher to /usr/share

sudo cp -R /usr/share

You can of course put apt-fetcher anywhere you want. If you do use a custom location change all the respawn lines to point to that location. (look for the lines formatted as: sh /usr/share/ which appear within the selections.)

  1. Run the program and enjoy

sh /usr/share/

By default apt-fetcher presumes the usage of sudo. If you have an actual root account you should be just fine using apt-fetcher once you have entered root state with su root

If you have any feedback contact me via Deviantart. Thank you.

Apt-fetcher 0.3 prints installed packages to the /opt/installed_packages.txt file. Apt-fetcher 0.2 prints them to the terminal client.

Original post is at:

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