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Calculator v.1 Copyright (c) 2017 JJ Posti <> This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see: This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under GPL Version 2, June 1991")

Features include all the basic calculator features. Hint. To input something like 5.0 to the calculator, click the text-field and type 5.0 using the keyboard´s numeric keys and the dot key.

By default, Calculator returns results in the form of x.y(for example, 2.0).

Doing calculations (example)

Press number, like 5 then press +,-,* or / and press another number, like 5. Next press = sign to get the result. If you want to do a longer calculation do it like this: 5 * 5 = * 10. Press 5 and then * and then 5. Now press = to get the result.After the result, continue calculations. If you do 5 * 5 * 5 the result will be 25 and not 125 like it should be. To overcome the issue, use the steps outlined above and get a result of 5*5 first and then continue multiplying the numbers further.

Still to implement

Keypress functionality for division, multiply, plus and minus keyboard keys. You can type the numbers to the text-field and press buttons with the mouse. Numbers are accepted from the keyboard when the text-field is selected(clicked). The keys lacking support, as mentioned above, will be integrated in the future releases.

About project’s structure

dist folder has the .jar file. --> the executable you want to run.

src folder has project sources.

nbproject folder has all the Netbeans project files.


The program need Java JRE 1.8 or equivalent to run.

Linux: openjdk-8-jre. Debian/Ubuntu users can install something like: default-jre.

To build the project yourself install Netbeans. Netbeans should be available in most current distributions.

Run program with: java -jar something.jar

You should be able to run the .jar files easily without compiling the project.

Tested with Windows 10 and PostX Gnu/Linux (0.5 Dev build.)

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