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Minimal Browser is a C++ and QT5 browser.
C++ QMake
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Minimal Browser is a C++ and QT5 browser.

Copyright (c) 2020 JJ Posti <>

This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under GPL Version 3 or Apache v2 license."


Licensing changes: Dual licensing model:

GPL v2 is upgraded to GPL v3. Also adding Apache v2 license as an alternative possibility if GPL v3 is not desired.

Features added by v2.

  • Google as a search engine.

  • Zoom in and out buttons added.

  • Web-inspector added.

  • Browsing now accepts: www.some_address.something OR https://some_address.something

  • Save file or object: Saves whatever is listed on addressbar location. Using Wget via QProcess.

  • Tooltips for buttons.

  • Gui is redesigned and has darker colors now.

  • Javascript set to enabled.

  • Installed system plugins set to enabled.

  • PrivateBrowsingEnabled,true.

  • SpatialNavigationEnabled,true.

  • Accelerated2dCanvasEnabled,true.

  • AcceleratedCompositingEnabled.

  • AutoLoadImages,true.

  • ScrollAnimatorEnabled,true.

  • DeveloperExtrasEnabled,true.

  • FullScreenSupportEnabled,true.

  • WebGLEnabled,true.

  • JavascriptCanOpenWindows,true.

  • LocalContentCanAccessRemoteUrls, true.

Features - since v1.

  • Go back.
  • Go forward.
  • Stop loading.
  • Print page.
  • Reload page.
  • Go Home (This points to current AWS hosted Postx Gnu/Linux landing page).
  • Does not support http. Https only.
  • Statusbar giving generic messages about page loading states. Opening links and copying links:

If a link does not open automatically, right-click the link and choose the Open Link option.

If you wish to copy a specific link, right-click on it and choose Copy Link option.

Save Link and Open in New Window options from the right-click menu are not integrated yet.

Navigation example, URLs should be written like this:

Do not add www. or http or https in front - things will fail.

Downloading files:

Minimal browser does not yet support downloading files by clicking on them.

To download a file, use Copy Link option from the right-click menu. Next, open a terminal and do wget <paste_your_link_here>


QT5, QWebview and its friends. Names vary upon distributions. See header file of this project for possible hints on what to install.

Why make this browser?

  • C++ is fun to use with QT5.
  • My previous Python based browsers started experiencing problems on Debian (certain modules missing etc.)
  • C++ hardly ever experiences trouble on any Linux.
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