support HTTP-signatures auth mechanism #588

ryancnelson opened this Issue May 22, 2014 · 2 comments

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For API's that use HTTP-Signatures:
( )

... it would be awesome to be able to use that as a authentication mechanism, rather than just Basic:

Specific API that i'd like to use this against is the Joyent Manta storage API:

... it'd also be acceptible for my wishlist if there was any functionality to generate headers using an external script callout mechanism of some kind.
Which is to say, if I could generate headers with bash , i could follow this:

.... and then happily use POSTMan


We are working on a feature for Jetpacks called pre-request scripting which should allow you to do this soon. :)

@a85 a85 added the Feature label Jul 9, 2014
Postman Labs member

@ryancnelson The pre-request script feature in Jetpacks allows you to execute a script before a request is sent, and modify the headers/parameters etc. This should serve your use-case well.

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