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Runtime Triage and Development

Updated Jul 22, 2019

This board tracks issues induced by bugs or behaviour of postman-runtime. The project also tracks feature requests and their status.

Localization (l10n)

Updated Sep 15, 2017

No description


Updated Jul 26, 2017

No description

Data Editor

Updated Nov 15, 2017

This new editor will make working with JSON/XML structures inside postman a delight. Linked issues are grouped here.


Updated Dec 25, 2016

Securing Postman's data with client side and server side encryption.

Virtual Folder

Updated Jun 30, 2017

Providing a uniform abstraction for Postman across all platforms (local systems and cloud) to import/manage files.


Updated Feb 22, 2018

Authorization flow related issues.

Bulk Refactor

Updated Aug 18, 2017

Changing multiple things together without screwing up.


Updated Dec 29, 2016

Improving usability of links that show up in request, response, headers etc.


Updated Dec 29, 2016

Flows around importing Postman's data models (collections, environments and others)

Inline Editing

Updated May 13, 2017

Inline editing is coming soon to Postman. This project puts together all the issues affected by it.

Multi-Level Folders

Updated Jun 30, 2017

Folder within a folder within a folder within a collection


Updated Sep 5, 2017

When you love Postman so much that you have too many collections and environments.


Updated Aug 21, 2017

Responses can be sent/created without sending requests. Central place for issues around this flow.


Updated May 13, 2017

All issues around tweaking Postman


Updated Nov 14, 2017

Tab state management, moving around, tab behavior


Updated Jun 30, 2017

Helping you work with Postman even faster


Updated Sep 26, 2017

Working towards a plugin based model to help with importers/exporters and other functionality that can be written on top of the Postman core.

Mock Servers

Updated Dec 25, 2016

Postman's Collection format has everything you need to generate a mock server to send requests again. ETA soon


Updated Dec 29, 2016

Feature requests for the Postman Pro API (


Updated Nov 9, 2017

Streamlining the concept of variables in Postman. Aims to fix the programming model with proper scoping and inheritance rules. Will solve several issues together.

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