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Converter for swagger 2.0 JSON to Postman Collection
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Swagger 2 to Postman converter

Converter for swagger 2.0 JSON to Postman Collection v1

Install dependencies

run $ npm install to install the dependencies

Run NPM test

run $ npm test to see the converter in action

Want to convert your own files?

convert.js provides a jsFace class - Swagger2Postman. Check test/converter.spec.js for basic usage.

Initialise class:

var swaggerConverter = new Swagger2Postman();

Optionally, set a logger:


Convert your Swagger 2.0 JSON:

var convertResult = swaggerConverter.convert(swaggerJson);

Check the result:

convertResult.status === "failed"

for unsuccessful conversions. Check convertResult.message

convertResult.status === "passed"

for successful conversions. Check convertResult.collection for the Postman collection JSON

Optional Configuration Parameters: The constructor can also take in a map of configuration options

var options = {
  includeQueryParams: false

var swaggerConverter = new Swagger2Postman(options);

valid options are: includeQueryParams - (default true) Include query string parameters in the request url.

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