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Simple set of Python scripts to mirror a GitLab group to a GitHub organization
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lab2hub uses the GitLab API to find all repositories on a GitLab group, and mirrors them automatically to a GitHub organization. It synchronizes:

  • All branches/tags/notes
  • Repository description and tags/topics
  • Protected branches

There are two separate parts:

  • admin: Creates new repositories and updates repository settings
  • sync: Clones repositories and pushes them to the mirror

In most cases it should be enough to have a cron job for sync, and run the admin part manually when necessary.


lab2hub requires Python 3.7. It is possible to use it with Python 3.6 when installing the backported dataclasses package from pip.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt


No setup is necessary on the GitLab side. It uses the GitLab API read-only without authentication.

On GitHub you need to setup two GitHub Apps: admin and sync. Those are used for authentication with GitHub. The following permissions are needed:

  • admin: Administration: Read & write
  • sync: Contents: Read & write

Install both GitHub Apps on the organization where the mirror repositories should be created. Create and download private keys for the GitHub Apps.


  • admin: Use ./ <gitlab_group> <github_organization> --app-id <app_id> --key path/to/admin.pem
  • sync: Use ./ <installation_id> --app-id <app_id> --key path/to/sync.pem

Add a cron job (e.g. one hour) to synchronize changes from GitLab to GitHub.

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