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non-interactive sessions.
* bash: use `trap DEBUG` which runs before every command, in both interactive
and non-interactive mode. `PROMPT_COMMAND` only runs in interactive mode.
+* Fixed a serious design flaw, where `chruby_auto` passed the contents of
+ `.ruby-version` as multiple arguments to the `chruby` function. Originally,
+ this allowed for `.ruby-version` files to specify additional `RUBYOPT` options
+ (ex: `jruby --1.8`). However, an attacker could craft a malicious
+ `.ruby-version` file that would require arbitrary code
+ (ex: `1.9.3 -r./evil.rb`). The `./evil.rb` file would then be required when
+ `ruby` is invoked by `chruby_use` in order to determine `RUBY_ENGINE`,
+ In order to prevent the abuse of this feature, `chruby_auto` now passes the
+ entire contents of `.ruby-version` as a first and only argument to the
+ `chruby` function.
+ If you have `` enabled, it is recommended that you upgrade.
+ If you cannot upgrade, consider disabling ``.
+ If you want to scan your entire system for malicious `.ruby-version` files:
+ find / -name .ruby-version 2>/dev/null | xargs -i{} grep -H " " {}
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