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Occasionally .bashrc (or similar) has an existing trap 'foo' DEBUG which can conflict with's. I recently hit this problem since I noticed .ruby-version was being ignored.

The way I fixed this was to patch to have:

function chruby_trap() {
    [[ "$BASH_COMMAND" != "$PROMPT_COMMAND" ]] && chruby_auto

if [[ -n "$ZSH_VERSION" ]]; then
    if [[ ! "$preexec_functions" == *chruby_auto* ]]; then
elif [[ -n "$BASH_VERSION" ]]; then
    trap chruby_trap DEBUG

Then in my .bashrc, after loading and, after any other calls, I provide my own trap:

# Reset color for command output and call this new `chruby_trap` function
trap 'foo_bar; chruby_trap' DEBUG

Obviously chruby_auto would also have worked, if I'd provided the explicit $BASH_COMMAND != $PROMPT_COMMAND check, but I figured it was possible that "setting up the trap" wouldn't necessarily always be the same as "call chruby_auto", hence the extra function.

I can submit a PR if you're happy with the idea (probably with refinements). Failing that, I can also submit a README note to mention that will set a DEBUG trap and explain how to wrap it with chruby_auto.

(README update would also happen if chruby_trap is implemented of course! Or a wiki entry. Whichever.)


ilikepi commented Jan 5, 2016

I happened upon this issue in the process of writing up a similar proposal. I agree it would be beneficial for the call to chruby_auto to be wrapped in another function that could more easily be overridden. I was going to propose a slightly different change however:

diff --git a/share/chruby/ b/share/chruby/
index 88f3cb3..e3ad1ee 100644
--- a/share/chruby/
+++ b/share/chruby/
@@ -1,5 +1,9 @@

+function ruby_version_autoexec() {
+   chruby_auto
 function chruby_auto() {
    local dir="$PWD/" version

@@ -25,9 +29,9 @@ function chruby_auto() {

 if [[ -n "$ZSH_VERSION" ]]; then
-   if [[ ! "$preexec_functions" == *chruby_auto* ]]; then
-       preexec_functions+=("chruby_auto")
+   if [[ ! "$preexec_functions" == *ruby_version_autoexec* ]]; then
+       preexec_functions+=("ruby_version_autoexec")
 elif [[ -n "$BASH_VERSION" ]]; then
-   trap '[[ "$BASH_COMMAND" != "$PROMPT_COMMAND" ]] && chruby_auto' DEBUG
+   trap '[[ "$BASH_COMMAND" != "$PROMPT_COMMAND" ]] && ruby_version_autoexec' DEBUG

My own motivation is that I have another function I want to call after chruby_auto. Initially I was sourcing a second file with a modified trap command, but the second call to trap was ignored unless I first removed the existing trap command. This is rather awkward and confusing; having a wrapper function I can override seems more straightforward to me.

I had some difficulty settling on a name for the wrapper function. I got it in my head that it might make sense to give it a generic-sounding name as opposed to using the chruby_* prefix. I don't have a strong argument to support this, however.

Naming aside, I think this makes it easier to augment chruby_auto's behavior without having to patch I'm hoping to find some support for this idea...

ilikepi added a commit to ilikepi/chruby that referenced this issue Jan 7, 2016

HaleTom commented Apr 23, 2017

I also believe that chruby should not clobber an existing DEBUG trap, following the principle of least surprise.

This code allows extending an existing trap.

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