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Proof of concept for automatic, bundler-managed gemsets #53

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Using the same basic function as chruby_auto I created gemsets based on the Gemfile's parent directory name and replace the entire GEM environment variables with that single gem location.

Logically assuming all Gemfiles have a corresponding gemset means shim-less, bundler-managed gems.

This needs tests and could be refactored into a shared function that chruby_auto could also use.

This is a proof of concept.



You might want to look at chgems. It sets GEM_HOME to $PWD/.gem/$ruby/$version to make cleanup easy and spawns a sub-shell instead of auto-switching. Also, I don't think it's wise to use gemsets for every bundler project.


Scratched my own itch. For others with this itch:


Closing now that auto-gemsets is available to users.

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