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Debian packaging #169

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This set of patches adds a very basic debian package definition. The package installs to /usr rather than /usr/local, and puts the documentation in the right place.

There are a couple of minor tweaks to the Makefile necessary to get this to be smooth: firstly, the debian helper scripts expect the Makefile to respect the DESTDIR environment variable, which I've added. Secondly, the helper scripts install the docs themselves, and don't rely on the make install task to do it for them. This means that before I split the make install task out to make install_files, I was getting two sets of documents installed, which was a little untidy.

The package installs and works on Debian Wheezy. I haven't tried it on an Ubuntu, but I think it should work without modification.


Spoke with someone more knowledgeable of Debian Packaging. It shouldn't be necessary to split the install task. It's ok if dh_installdocs re-installs any documentation. DESTDIR stuff looks good.


Sorry, I'm not sure I understand. dh_installdocs installs the documentation to /usr/share/doc/chruby/, which is the "right" place according to Debian. make install installs them to /usr/share/doc/chruby-0.3.6/. If I disable dh_installdocs, I only get docs in the wrong place, and if I don't, I get both sets.

Would it be better to let Makefile's DOC_DIR get overridden by an environment variable to put them in Debian's preferred location?


Ah ha. It looks like I used the RedHat style of DOC_DIR (name-version). Yeah, let's make DOC_DIR configurable and default it to PREFIX/share/doc/NAME.

@bmalex bmalex Restore the full `make install` task
In order not to duplicate the documentation, this patch makes the
DOC_DIR variable overridable by environment variable, and changes the
default path *not* to include the version number.

install_files is still mentioned in .PHONY.

and others added some commits Jan 15, 2013
@postmodern Version bump to 0.4.0. 9af4923
@postmodern Also export RUBY_PATCHLEVEL (issue #62). c77b750
@havenwood havenwood updated formatting and env descriptions
* Pulled in @HavenWood's chruby man page.
@postmodern Renamed to 63dae6a
@postmodern Moved docs/chruby.1 into share/man/man1/ 09c6c3e
@postmodern Added a basic man page task. 2c53469
@havenwood havenwood added -v, --version to OPTIONS 4f5e5ac
@havenwood havenwood Added chruby-exec(1) manpage to See Also section. 189861d
@havenwood havenwood remove doc/ from .gitignore c284f63
@havenwood havenwood initial commit b30d23e
@havenwood havenwood initial commit fccdd41
@havenwood havenwood Added chruby-exec(1) duplicates of chruby(1) entries. fbfb1ae
@postmodern Use kramdown-man ( cf35adb
@havenwood havenwood Correct spelling typo. 23c18ec
@havenwood havenwood Correct spelling typo. 1adcb8a
@havenwood havenwood Implement chruby-install as a function. 3e10495
@postmodern Merge remote-tracking branch 'havenwood/chruby-install' into 0.4.0 8255155
@postmodern Simply call chruby --version to avoid redefining CHRUBY_VERSION. 505a421
@postmodern Use `type -t` to detect ruby-install. 4ad9316
@postmodern Prefix error messages with the function name. 9b9535a
@postmodern Print to stderr. ea4cf1a
@postmodern Style. 30b401e
@postmodern If ruby-install is available, also print it's version. 3bd58f9
@havenwood havenwood Create a chruby-install manpage. 8404386
@postmodern Fixed a typo. c1eece3
@postmodern Began adding tests. ded83ff
@havenwood havenwood Add chruby-install usage instructions. b07cc80
@postmodern Wording. 1c92f23
@havenwood havenwood Use `command -v` for zsh compatibility. 085f029
@postmodern postmodern referenced this pull request in Bitmessage/PyBitmessage Jul 23, 2013

Makefile fixes #325

jnv commented Apr 13, 2014

Bump; is there anything particular that prevents this PR from being merged?


@jnv I believe just ensuring documentation is installed in the correct location. That and rebasing it against current master.

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