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Add /usr/local/opt/rubies to default search path. #76

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I've updated the code and README to /usr/local/opts/rubies instead of /usr/local/rubies.

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Doesn't homebrew use /usr/local/opt/? I know it installs package symlinks into /usr/local/.


Homebrew does use /usr/local/opt/ (and various other directories in /usr/local/), which is the motivation for the addition of /usr/local/... to the search paths; it keeps the rubies out of Userland, without requiring them to be in /opt/.


I'm going to close this. Homebrew has claimed /usr/local/opt as there own, and users probably shouldn't be messing around in there. However, users can manually set RUBIES pointing to specific Ruby installations within /usr/local/opt/.

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  2. +1 −0  share/chruby/
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@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ Add the following to the `/etc/profile.d/`, `~/.bashrc` or
source /usr/local/share/chruby/
-By default chruby will search for Rubies installed into `/opt/rubies/` or
+By default chruby will search for Rubies installed into `/opt/rubies/`, `/usr/local/opt/rubies/`, or
`~/.rubies/`. For non-standard installation locations, simply set the
`RUBIES` variable:
1  share/chruby/
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
typeset -a RUBIES
[[ -d /opt/rubies/ ]] && RUBIES+=(/opt/rubies/*)
+[[ -d /usr/local/opt/rubies/ ]] && RUBIES+=(/usr/local/opt/rubies/*)
[[ -d "$HOME/.rubies" ]] && RUBIES+=("$HOME"/.rubies/*)
function chruby_reset()
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