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MagLev is a Ruby implementation using the GemStone/S Virtual Machine.


sudo mkdir -p /opt/rubies/
sudo tar -xzvf MagLev-1.0.0.tar.gz
cd MagLev-1.0.0
sudo mv ../GemStone-27184.Darwin-i386 .
sudo ln -fs GemStone-27184.Darwin-i386 gemstone
sudo ln -fs maglev-ruby bin/ruby
sudo ln -fs maglev-irb bin/irb
sudo mv ../MagLev-1.0.0 /opt/rubies/maglev-1.0.0
  • Note: The MagLev server process stoned must be started to use MagLev. To start and stop stoned:

      maglev start
      maglev stop