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Development Environment Configuration
VimL Shell Ruby
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.config/volumeicon Added configuration of volumeicon.
.fluxbox Enable Gimp's Single Window mode.
.gimp-2.8 Enable Gimp's Single Window mode.
.mplayer Make sure mplayer knows the dvd device.
.ore Removed the author and email defaults, since Ore 0.9.3 can infer them.
.vim Use setlocal instead of set. (credit @ilikepi)
etc Updated the chruby config.
.bash_profile Remove rbenv, we use chruby now. Keep RVM commented-out just in case.
.bashrc Shorten stlink-gdb to st-gdb to match the other st- commands.
.conkyrc Removed laptop specific configuration (see the laptop branch).
.gitconfig Configue push behavior.
.gitignore Globally ignore all credentials directories.
.irbrc Added my ircrc file.
.riplrc Auto-load the ripl-shell_commands plugin.
.vimrc Enable Very Magic mode by default. Experiement with using alt+a for switching to the Music Player.


.files for my Development Environment.


Environment Variables

  • $TERMINAL - Prefered graphical Terminal emulator (Default: gnome-terminal).
  • $FILE_MANAGER - Prefered graphical File Manager (Default: nautilus).
  • $EDITOR - Prefered non-graphical Text Editor (Default: vim).
  • $GUI_EDITOR - Prefered graphical Text Editor (Default: gvim).
  • $BROWSER - Prefered graphical Browser (Default firefox).
  • $EMAIL_CLIENT - Prefered graphical Email Client (Default: thunderbird).
  • $IM_CLIENT - Prefered graphical IM Client (Default: pidgin).
  • $IRC_CLIENT - Prefered graphical IRC Client (Default: xchat).
  • $MUSIC_PLAYER - Prefered graphical Music Player (Default: rhythmbox).
  • $VIDEO_PLAYER - Prefered graphical Music Player (Default: totem).
  • $TORRENT_CLIENT - Prefered graphical BitTorrent client (Default: transmission-gtk).
  • $PACKAGE_MANAGER - Graphical client for the system Package Manager.
  • $PHP_SHELL - Spawns an interactive PHP shell (Default: php -a).
  • $RUBY_SHELL - Spawns an interactive Ruby shell (Default: ripl).
  • $JS_SHELL - Spawns an interactive JavaScript shell (Default: js).


  • forget - Clears SSH keys and PGP passphrases.
  • irb - Overrides irb with the awesome ripl Ruby REPL.


  • Minimal .vimrc.
    • Enable line-numbering.
    • Set scroll-offset.
    • Bash-like wild-mode.
    • Disable visual-bell.
  • ir_black vim theme.
  • 2-space indentation for:
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • Ruby
    • XML / XSL
  • Hard-Tab indentation for:
    • Makefile
    • Python
  • Force Ruby syntax-highlighting for:
    • Gemfile
    • Rakefile
    • Thorfile




  • (Optional) XComposite Manager.
  • (Optional) Nitrogen Background Manager.
  • (Optional) Conky.
  • Gnome Screensaver.
  • Gnome Sound Manager.
  • Network Manager Applet.
  • (Laptop) Synaptic Touchpad configuration.
  • (Laptop) Gnome Power Manager.
  • (Laptop) Bluetooth.
  • polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1
  • gpg-agent
  • gnome-keyring-daemon



  • Terminal (gnome-terminal)
  • Editor (gvim)
  • Files (nautilus --no-desktop)

  • Browser (firefox)

  • Email (thunderbird)

  • IM (pidgin)

  • IRC (xchat)

  • Music (rthymbox)

  • DVD (mplayer -fs -mouse-movements dvdnav://)
  • Torrents (transmission-gtk)

  • Office

    • Document (libreoffice --writer)
    • Spreedsheet (libreoffice --calc)
    • Presentation (libreoffice --impress)

Key Bindings

Alt+t                  Switch to the next Terminal Window
Alt+f                  Switch to the next File Manager Window
Alt+e                  Switch to the next Editor Window
Alt+b                  Switch to the next Browser Window
Alt+m                  Switch to the next Email Client Window
Alt+c                  Switch to the next IM Conversation Window
Alt+i                  Switch to the next IRC Client Window
Alt+a                  Switch to the next Music Player Window
Alt+v                  Switch to the next Video Player Window
Alt+h                  Switch to the next HUD Window

Alt+Backspace          Minimize
Alt+F1                 Maximize
Alt+Escape             Kill
Alt+F11                Fullscreen

Shift+Alt+PageUp       Maximize Vertically
Shift+Alt+PageDown     Maximize Horizontally
Shift+Alt+Left         Move Window to the Left
Shift+Alt+Right        Move Window to the Right
Shift+Alt+Up           Move Window to the Top
Shift+Alt+Down         Move Window to the Bottom

Shift+Alt+Home         Move Window to the Top Left Corner
Shift+Alt+PageUp       Move Window to the Top Right Corner
Shift+Alt+5            Move Window to the Center
Shift+Alt+End          Move Window to the Bottom Left Corner
Shift+Alt+PageDown     Move Window to the Bottom Right Corner

Control+Alt+Enter      Opens the Run Dialogue
Control+Alt+j          Spawns a JavaScript HUD
Control+Alt+i          Spawns a Ruby HUD
Control+Alt+p          Spawns a PHP HUD
Control+Alt+t          Spawns a new Terminal
Control+Alt+e          Spawns a new Editor
Control+Alt+b          Spawns a new Browser
Control+Alt+f          Spawns a new File Manager
Control+Alt+l          Locks the screen

Control+Alt+PrintScreen   Take a Screenshot
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