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# click on the desktop to get menus
OnDesktop Mouse1 :HideMenus
OnDesktop Mouse2 :WorkspaceMenu
OnDesktop Mouse3 :RootMenu
# scroll on the desktop to change workspaces
OnDesktop Mouse4 :PrevWorkspace
OnDesktop Mouse5 :NextWorkspace
# scroll on the toolbar to change current window
OnToolbar Mouse4 :PrevWindow {static groups} (iconhidden=no)
OnToolbar Mouse5 :NextWindow {static groups} (iconhidden=no)
# alt + left/right click to move/resize a window
OnWindow Mod1 Mouse1 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus} {StartMoving}
OnWindowBorder Move1 :StartMoving
OnWindow Mod1 Mouse3 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus} {StartResizing NearestCorner}
OnLeftGrip Move1 :StartResizing bottomleft
OnRightGrip Move1 :StartResizing bottomright
# alt + middle click to lower the window
OnWindow Mod1 Mouse2 :Lower
# meta-click a window's titlebar and drag to attach windows
OnTitlebar Mod4 Mouse1 :StartTabbing
# double click on the titlebar to shade
OnTitlebar Double Mouse1 :Shade
# left click on the titlebar to move the window
OnTitlebar Mouse1 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus} {ActivateTab}
OnTitlebar Move1 :StartMoving
# middle click on the titlebar to lower
OnTitlebar Mouse2 :Lower
# right click on the titlebar for a menu of options
OnTitlebar Mouse3 :WindowMenu
# alt-tab
Mod1 Tab :NextWindow {groups} (workspace=[current])
Mod1 Shift Tab :PrevWindow {groups} (workspace=[current])
# alt-tab terminals
Mod1 t :NextGroup (class=.*[Tt]erm.*)
# alt-tab file-managers
Mod1 f :NextGroup (class=[Nn]autilus)
# alt-tab email clients
Mod1 m :NextWindow (class=Mail|[Ee]volution|Thunderbird)
# alt-tab editors
Mod1 e :NextGroup (class=[GgKk]vim|[Xx]emacs|[Gg]edit)
# alt-tab browsers
Mod1 b :NextGroup (role=browser)
# alt-tab IM conversations
Mod1 c :NextWindow (role=conversation|ConversationsWindow)
# alt-tab IRC clients
Mod1 i :NextWindow (class=[Xx]chat|[Hh]exchat)
# alt-tab music players
Mod1 a :NextWindow (class=[Rr]hythmbox)
# alt-tab video players
Mod1 v :NextWindow (class=[Tt]otem|[Mm][Pp]layer|mpv)
# alt-tab HUD windows
Mod1 h :NextWindow (role=HUD)
# cycle through tabs in the current window
Mod4 Tab :NextTab
Mod4 Shift Tab :PrevTab
# go to a specific tab in the current window
Mod4 1 :Tab 1
Mod4 2 :Tab 2
Mod4 3 :Tab 3
Mod4 4 :Tab 4
Mod4 5 :Tab 5
Mod4 6 :Tab 6
Mod4 7 :Tab 7
Mod4 8 :Tab 8
Mod4 9 :Tab 9
# volume settings, using common keycodes
# if these don't work, use xev to find out your real keycodes
None XF86AudioRaiseVolume :Exec pactl set-sink-volume 0 +10%
None XF86AudioLowerVolume :Exec pactl set-sink-volume 0 -10%
None XF86AudioMute :Exec pactl set-sink-mute 0 toggle
# Take a screenshot
Control Mod1 Print :Exec gnome-screenshot
# current window commands
Mod1 BackSpace :Minimize
Mod1 F1 :Maximize
Mod1 F4 :Close
Mod1 Escape :Kill
Mod1 F11 :Fullscreen
Shift Mod1 Prior :MaximizeVertical
Shift Mod1 Next :MaximizeHorizontal
Shift Mod1 Left :MoveTo 0 * Left
Shift Mod1 Right :MoveTo 0 * Right
Shift Mod1 Up :MoveTo * 0 Top
Shift Mod1 Down :MoveTo * 0 Bottom
Shift Mod1 KP_Home :MoveTo 0 0 TopLeft
Shift Mod1 KP_Up :MoveTo * 0 Top
Shift Mod1 KP_Prior :MoveTo 0 0 TopRight
Shift Mod1 KP_Left :MoveTo 0 * Left
Shift Mod1 KP_Begin :MoveTo 0 0 Center
Shift Mod1 KP_Right :MoveTo 0 * Right
Shift Mod1 KP_Next :MoveTo 0 0 BottomRight
Shift Mod1 KP_Down :MoveTo * 0 Bottom
Shift Mod1 KP_End :MoveTo 0 0 BottomLeft
# Keybinding aliases for laptops
Shift Mod1 Return :MoveTo 0 0 Center
# open the window menu
Mod1 space :WindowMenu
# open a dialog to run programs
Control Mod1 r :Exec fbrun -bg black -fg gray -w 400 -h 20
# open a JavaScript console
Control Mod1 j :Exec $TERMINAL --role=HUD --title=JavaScript -- $JS_SHELL
# open a Python console
Control Mod1 p :Exec $TERMINAL --role=HUD --title=Python -- $PYTHON_SHELL
# open a PHP console
Shift Control Mod1 p :Exec $TERMINAL --role=HUD --title=PHP -- $PHP_SHELL
# open a Ruby console
Control Mod1 i :Exec $TERMINAL --role=HUD --title=Ruby -- $RUBY_SHELL
# open a terminal
Control Mod1 t :Exec $TERMINAL
# open a new GVim instance
Control Mod1 e :Exec $GUI_EDITOR
# open a new Firefox instance
Control Mod1 b :Exec $BROWSER
# open a new instance of nautilus
Control Mod1 f :Exec $FILE_MANAGER
# lock the screen
Control Mod1 l :Exec gnome-screensaver-command --lock
# exit fluxbox
Control Mod1 Delete :Exit
# change to previous/next workspace
Control Mod1 Left :PrevWorkspace
Control Mod1 Right :NextWorkspace
# send the current window to previous/next workspace
Mod4 Left :SendToPrevWorkspace
Mod4 Right :SendToNextWorkspace
# send the current window and follow it to previous/next workspace
Control Mod4 Left :TakeToPrevWorkspace
Control Mod4 Right :TakeToNextWorkspace
# change to a specific workspace
Control F1 :Workspace 1
Control F2 :Workspace 2
Control F3 :Workspace 3
Control F4 :Workspace 4
Control F5 :Workspace 5
Control F6 :Workspace 6
Control F7 :Workspace 7
Control F8 :Workspace 8
Control F9 :Workspace 9
Control F10 :Workspace 10
Control F11 :Workspace 11
Control F12 :Workspace 12
# send the current window to a specific workspace
Mod4 F1 :SendToWorkspace 1
Mod4 F2 :SendToWorkspace 2
Mod4 F3 :SendToWorkspace 3
Mod4 F4 :SendToWorkspace 4
Mod4 F5 :SendToWorkspace 5
Mod4 F6 :SendToWorkspace 6
Mod4 F7 :SendToWorkspace 7
Mod4 F8 :SendToWorkspace 8
Mod4 F9 :SendToWorkspace 9
Mod4 F10 :SendToWorkspace 10
Mod4 F11 :SendToWorkspace 11
Mod4 F12 :SendToWorkspace 12
# send the current window and change to a specific workspace
Control Mod4 F1 :TakeToWorkspace 1
Control Mod4 F2 :TakeToWorkspace 2
Control Mod4 F3 :TakeToWorkspace 3
Control Mod4 F4 :TakeToWorkspace 4
Control Mod4 F5 :TakeToWorkspace 5
Control Mod4 F6 :TakeToWorkspace 6
Control Mod4 F7 :TakeToWorkspace 7
Control Mod4 F8 :TakeToWorkspace 8
Control Mod4 F9 :TakeToWorkspace 9
Control Mod4 F10 :TakeToWorkspace 10
Control Mod4 F11 :TakeToWorkspace 11
Control Mod4 F12 :TakeToWorkspace 12