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# Generated by fluxbox-generate_menu
# If you read this it means you want to edit this file manually, so here
# are some useful tips:
# - You can add your own menu-entries to ~/.fluxbox/usermenu
# - If you miss apps please let me know and I will add them for the next
# release.
# - The -r option prevents removing of empty menu entries and lines which
# makes things much more readable.
# - To prevent any other app from overwriting your menu
# you can change the menu name in ~/.fluxbox/init to:
# session.menuFile: ~/.fluxbox/my-menu
[begin] (Fluxbox)
[encoding] {UTF-8}
[exec] (Terminal) {$TERMINAL}
[exec] (Editor) {$GUI_EDITOR}
[exec] (Files) {$FILE_MANAGER}
[exec] (Browser) {$BROWSER}
[exec] (Email) {$EMAIL_CLIENT}
[exec] (IM) {$IM_CLIENT}
[exec] (IRC) {$IRC_CLIENT}
[exec] (Music) {$MUSIC_PLAYER}
[exec] (DVD) {mpv -fs dvdnav:// || mpv -fs dvd://}
[exec] (Torrents) {$TORRENT_CLIENT}
[exec] (Image) {gimp}
[exec] (SVG) {inkscape}
[exec] (Photo) {shotwell}
[exec] (Diagram) {dia}
[exec] (Writer) {libreoffice --writer}
[submenu] (Fluxbox)
[config] (Configure)
[submenu] (System Styles) {Choose a style...}
[stylesdir] (/usr/share/fluxbox/styles)
[submenu] (User Styles) {Choose a style...}
[stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles)
[exec] (Wallpaper) {nitrogen}
[workspaces] (Workspace List)
[submenu] (Window Managers)
[restart] (metacity) {metacity}
[restart] (gnome) {gnome-session}
[commanddialog] (Fluxbox Command)
[reconfig] (Reload config)
[restart] (Restart)
[exec] (About) {(fluxbox -v; fluxbox -info | sed 1d) | gxmessage -file - -center}
[exec] (Shutdown) {systemctl poweroff}
[exec] (Reboot) {systemctl reboot}
[exit] (Logout)