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.files for my Development Environment.


Environment Variables

  • $TERMINAL - Prefered graphical Terminal emulator (Default: gnome-terminal).
  • $FILE_MANAGER - Prefered graphical File Manager (Default: nautilus).
  • $EDITOR - Prefered non-graphical Text Editor (Default: vim).
  • $GUI_EDITOR - Prefered graphical Text Editor (Default: gvim).
  • $BROWSER - Prefered graphical Browser (Default firefox).
  • $EMAIL_CLIENT - Prefered graphical Email Client (Default: thunderbird).
  • $IM_CLIENT - Prefered graphical IM Client (Default: pidgin).
  • $IRC_CLIENT - Prefered graphical IRC Client (Default: xchat).
  • $MUSIC_PLAYER - Prefered graphical Music Player (Default: rhythmbox).
  • $VIDEO_PLAYER - Prefered graphical Music Player (Default: totem).
  • $TORRENT_CLIENT - Prefered graphical BitTorrent client (Default: transmission-gtk).
  • $PACKAGE_MANAGER - Graphical client for the system Package Manager.
  • $PHP_SHELL - Spawns an interactive PHP shell (Default: php -a).
  • $RUBY_SHELL - Spawns an interactive Ruby shell (Default: ripl).
  • $JS_SHELL - Spawns an interactive JavaScript shell (Default: js).


  • forget - Clears SSH keys and PGP passphrases.
  • irb - Overrides irb with the awesome ripl Ruby REPL.


  • Minimal .vimrc.
    • Enable line-numbering.
    • Set scroll-offset.
    • Bash-like wild-mode.
    • Disable visual-bell.
  • ir_black vim theme.
  • 2-space indentation for:
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • Ruby
    • XML / XSL
  • Hard-Tab indentation for:
    • Makefile
    • Python
  • Force Ruby syntax-highlighting for:
    • Gemfile
    • Rakefile
    • Thorfile




  • (Optional) XComposite Manager.
  • (Optional) Nitrogen Background Manager.
  • (Optional) Conky.
  • Gnome Screensaver.
  • Gnome Sound Manager.
  • Network Manager Applet.
  • (Laptop) Synaptic Touchpad configuration.
  • (Laptop) Gnome Power Manager.
  • (Laptop) Bluetooth.
  • polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1
  • gpg-agent
  • gnome-keyring-daemon



  • Terminal (gnome-terminal)

  • Editor (gvim)

  • Files (nautilus --no-desktop)

  • Browser (firefox)

  • Email (thunderbird)

  • IM (pidgin)

  • IRC (xchat)

  • Music (rthymbox)

  • DVD (mplayer -fs -mouse-movements dvdnav://)

  • Torrents (transmission-gtk)

  • Office

    • Document (libreoffice --writer)
    • Spreedsheet (libreoffice --calc)
    • Presentation (libreoffice --impress)

Key Bindings

Alt+t                  Switch to the next Terminal Window
Alt+f                  Switch to the next File Manager Window
Alt+e                  Switch to the next Editor Window
Alt+b                  Switch to the next Browser Window
Alt+m                  Switch to the next Email Client Window
Alt+c                  Switch to the next IM Conversation Window
Alt+i                  Switch to the next IRC Client Window
Alt+a                  Switch to the next Music Player Window
Alt+v                  Switch to the next Video Player Window
Alt+h                  Switch to the next HUD Window

Alt+Backspace          Minimize
Alt+F1                 Maximize
Alt+Escape             Kill
Alt+F11                Fullscreen

Shift+Alt+PageUp       Maximize Vertically
Shift+Alt+PageDown     Maximize Horizontally
Shift+Alt+Left         Move Window to the Left
Shift+Alt+Right        Move Window to the Right
Shift+Alt+Up           Move Window to the Top
Shift+Alt+Down         Move Window to the Bottom

Shift+Alt+Home         Move Window to the Top Left Corner
Shift+Alt+PageUp       Move Window to the Top Right Corner
Shift+Alt+5            Move Window to the Center
Shift+Alt+End          Move Window to the Bottom Left Corner
Shift+Alt+PageDown     Move Window to the Bottom Right Corner

Control+Alt+Enter      Opens the Run Dialogue
Control+Alt+j          Spawns a JavaScript HUD
Control+Alt+i          Spawns a Ruby HUD
Control+Alt+p          Spawns a PHP HUD
Control+Alt+t          Spawns a new Terminal
Control+Alt+e          Spawns a new Editor
Control+Alt+b          Spawns a new Browser
Control+Alt+f          Spawns a new File Manager
Control+Alt+l          Locks the screen

Control+Alt+PrintScreen   Take a Screenshot