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devinus commented Sep 26, 2013

I have revived Sundown into an improved library called Hoedown!

Here, I merged long languishing pull requests from Sundown, merged almost every improvement from Redcarpet, merged improvements from Rinku and Houdini, greatly improved and standardized the API, and fixed many potential bugs.

Full list of changes: hoedown/hoedown@vmg:master...master

Sundown had a rich collection of bindings and it would truly be a shame if we couldn't all benefit from a single library in the future.


You should fork this library. I got burned by redcarpet (which apparently vendors sundown?) and switched to Kramdown. Kramdown is a pure-Ruby markdown processor and is far more correct than the others.

devinus commented Sep 27, 2013

@postmodern That's too bad, but I can understand your frustration. My hope is that Hoedown can become the de-facto Markdown rendering library, the one you can turn to to get the most correct rendering which you know will be on whatever platform you choose to develop on because it's written in the language every other language out there has an FFI for -- like the zlib for Markdown. Thanks for your time.


I would focus on bug fixes and getting Hoedown into Ubuntu/Fedora/Homebrew repositories. Also consider renaming it to libmarkdown.

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