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corrected test for gpg extension in hg

At least in mercurial 2.4.2 to check if gpg extension is installed one should do `hg showconfig extensions.hgext.gpg` and if it returns anything, but empty string, the extension is enabled. Even "\n" indicates that extension is turned on, so chomp is invalid.
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commit 916e305b9a494ca1aa09c06ec6c7d6d038be2fb1 1 parent 214888c
wrzasa wrzasa authored

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  1. +1 1  lib/rubygems/tasks/scm/tag.rb
2  lib/rubygems/tasks/scm/tag.rb
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ def sign?
116 116 when :git
117 117 !`git config user.signingkey`.chomp.empty?
118 118 when :hg
119   - !`hg showconfig extensions hgext gpg`.chomp.empty?
  119 + !`hg showconfig extensions.hgext.gpg`.empty?
120 120 else
121 121 false
122 122 end

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