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" YARD syntax highlighting extension for ruby
" Language: YARD on top of ruby
" Maintainer: Postmodern <>
" Author: Postmodern
" Last Change: August 2010
" Version: 0.1
if exists('b:suppress_yard')
unlet b:suppress_yard
if exists('b:current_syntax') && b:current_syntax =~ 'yard' && !exists('yard_debug_script')
let s:cpo_save = &cpo
set cpo&vim
" Start of YARD syntax highlighting:
syn match yardComment "#.*" contains=yardLink,yardParamTag,yardOptionTag,yardYieldTag,yardReturnTag,yardRaiseTag,yardGenericTag
syn region yardMultilineComment start="\%(\%(^\s*#.*\n\)\@<!\%(^\s*#.*\n\)\)\%(\(^\s*#.*\n\)\{1,}\)\@=" end="\%(^\s*#.*\n\)\@<=\%(^\s*#.*\n\)\%(^\s*#\)\@!" contains=yardComment transparent fold keepend
syn region yardLink start="{" end="}" contained
syn match yardType "\%(\%([.@$]\@<!\.\)\@<!\<\|::\)\_s*\zs\u\w*\%(\>\|::\)\@=\%(\s*(\)\@!" contained
syn match yardRespondsTo "#\h\w*" contained
syn match yardArgsComma +,\s*+ nextgroup=yardType,yardRespondsTo,yardKeyword
syn region yardArgs start="\[" end="\]" contains=yardType,yardRespondsTo,yardKeyword,yardArgsComma skipwhite
syn match yardParamTag +@\(yieldparam\|param\)+ contained nextgroup=yardArgs skipwhite
syn match yardOptionTag "@option" contained nextgroup=yardKeyword skipwhite
syn match yardYieldTag "@yield\s" contained nextgroup=yardArgs skipwhite
syn match yardReturnTag "@return" contained nextgroup=yardArgs skipwhite
syn match yardRaiseTag "@raise" contained nextgroup=yardArgs skipwhite
syn match yardGenericTag +@\(since\|see\|deprecated\|todo\|api\)+ contained skipwhite
hi def link yardComment Comment
hi def link yardLink Special
hi def link yardArgsComma Comment
hi def link yardArgs Comment
hi def link yardType Type
hi def link yardKeyword Type
hi def link yardParamTag Define
hi def link yardOptionTag Define
hi def link yardYieldTag Define
hi def link yardReturnTag Define
hi def link yardRaiseTag Define
hi def link yardGenericTag Define
let &cpo = s:cpo_save
unlet s:cpo_save