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Build Status

This is the Jekyll source of the website.

How to Contribute?

You can contribute by reporting errors or suggesting improvements. Just open an issue or pull request.

This is a big project with many translations involved. Please help us stay on top of things by following our guidelines for contributors.

Get It!

The site uses Pygments for syntax highlighting. In order to generate the site locally, you need to have Python installed on your system (refer to the pygments.rb gem homepage for more detailed information).

Bundler will take care of the rest of the dependencies, so unless you already have done so, you might need to install bundler with:

gem install bundler

Then clone the repository and install the dependencies:

git clone
bundle install

To generate the site and start a local web server, you can use

bundle exec rake preview

Then open http://localhost:4000/ in your local browser to access the preview.

Note: The build of the site will take several minutes. If you created the site previously and the _site directory already exists, the web server will start instantly but large parts of the site will not be updated until the build has completely finished. Also, the build may fail silently when using the preview mode.

To always get feedback on the success of the build you might want to create the website without starting a local server instead:

bundle exec rake generate

When you now start a preview with the site already generated it will be available instantly.

Preview on Heroku

In case a build is not possible on your local machine you can also create a preview on Heroku.

git clone
  • Create a feature branch.
  • Make changes or add content and commit.
  • Create preview app on Heroku using custom buildpack.
heroku login
heroku create --buildpack
  • Push your site
git push heroku feature_branch:master
heroku open

To create a preview of the master branch:

git push heroku master
heroku open


You can check 404 and markup with this tasks:

bundle exec rake check:links # check 404
bundle exec rake check:markup # check markup for all generated pages

More Information

For more information see the wiki.

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