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The PostPilot API

This is a JSON::API like api that uses an API key for authentication.

Making a request

All URLs start with We enforce SSL only. The version and the authentication token are both sent in the header.

In curl, a sample request for a list of customers might look like:

curl -H "Authorization: Token token=[API Key]" -H "Accept: application/vnd.postpilot+json;version=1" -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Request Headers

Every request will need to have the following headers

Authentication: You authenticate using your API key. Please keep this private. Anyone with this key can access your account data through the API. To generate and obtain an API key, visit:

Authorization: Token token=[API Key]


Accept: application/vnd.postpilot+json;version=1


Content-Type: application/json

Field Conventions

  • All dates are serialized in the ISO 8601 format and are shown in the UTC time zone.
  • Any fields that end with _ref represent your system's unique string identifier. These are used for the connection between Customers and Orders.



We expect that clients using this API will be a good internet citizen and not be abusive. In an effort to avoid server issues we have throttling controls in place for the betterment of all out users.

If you hit a throttling limit you will receive a 429 - Too Many Requests error. If you get this error, please reduce the number and/frequency of calls.

Help us make it better

Please tell us how we can make our API better. If you have a feature request or if you found a bug, please use GitHub issues.

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